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July 29, 2017
One star for being a great looking chair. Another star for backpack, storage & cooler pouch, removable pillow. Zero stars for everything else about these chairs. I am almost positive we received the wrong chairs! The seat section itself is only 17.5 inches less the side bars that the material is wrapped around. I don't see anyone being comfortable crammed in from side to side and I definitely cannot see a 300 lb person fitting at all. I am 5' 5" size 12 female and I fit with maybe .5" to 1" to spare before my hips touch the side bars. No way my 6'2" 225 lb husband will fit in this chair comfortably if at all. The height of the back is perfect for me but add 9 more inches of man height and no way! The front bar to the seat is extremely uncomfortable and this is just on trial test run. The seat doesn't even extend to my mid thigh and that bar!!! Poor hubby is going to be so disappointed when he arrives home from work to find this chair was actually barely suitable for his wife's size. Poorly advertised and shoud have been more clear on the actual seat and back dimensions. I assumed 2-4 inches for arm width but truly cheesey to post the dimensions from less than a half inch curve in the center of the arm as the 24.5" width dimension. Most of the arm width is 23 3/4" So again, unless I received the wrong chairs, buyer beware, the seat is only 17.5 inches wide! Don't waste $105.00 unless you're smaller than an average size female.
To top it off - each chair had a feature attachment that includes 11 addresses and phone numbers to Costco Wholesale Distribution! So I assume that other reviewers that indicated they bought these chairs from Costco for approximately $30.00 are correct. I could have paid the Costco annual membership fee, purchased these chairs, and reaped the benefits of a Costco membership for the next year for nearly the same price that I paid for these chairs. I guess anyone can buy Wholesale and resale for whatever they want but to ship these chairs with the Costco info attached was a slap in the face! I was the sucker on this one! So mad at my vulnerability. Lol
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