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Reviewed in the United States on July 26, 2016
I got one of these and a new Fire (2015) on Prime Day. I've spent all the time since they arrived with Amazon, trying to determine where the problem is. Amazon has a couple of trouble tickets going (no word, more than a week later) and I've been doing a bunch of experimenting trying to isolate whether it's the card, the, the software... I'm now leaning strongly toward the card. (Particularly after seeing some of the other reviews...)

I had issues downloading my content to the card. It's hard to say, just from that, what the problem was. I did a few hard resets & things didn't improve. I then took out the card (just in case) before doing the dreaded factory reset of the Fire. Re-registered & put the card in. It went from "Music" and "Books" to "Other" and didn't give me a count of anything. Then I noticed that books I know I'd downloaded (do them in alphabetical order to keep my place) were suddenly NOT on the device (card). Then Storage said "Other" and "Books" but only showed about half of what I'd downloaded. (The PC showed the correct number of books on the card.) A few days later (still waiting to hear from Amazon on those tickets), I looked at the card again on the PC & the total was WAY less than before - even less than the number of books the Fire claims it has (by a significant amount). I hadn't added or deleted/archived anything or even been connected to Wi-Fi.

So, after looking at so many other 1-star reviews & seeing so many failures, I decided to call SanDisk myself. (Before I did, I tried their little product recommendation link I found in someone else's review. Interesting note - Amazon is NOT listed under brands, nor is the Fire listed under products.)

I spoke with a Nick & gave him the brief rundown of things disappearing, etc. He consulted his supervisor & came back and told me they do NOT have any cards made especially for Amazon - they work in anything. There's nothing designed for the Fire. Yet, the product description from Amazon clearly states:

Exclusive "Made for Amazon" SD memory card - the only one tested and certified to work with your Fire Tablet and Fire TV

Someone's not got their facts straight....

And, he told me to reformat & try again & if it doesn't work, they can replace it. Given all the other reviews from people who have claimed to try that & it continues to fail, I think I'll opt to return it. And, I think I'll be buying a different brand of SD card from now on. And I'll try one in the Fire & see if my other issues persist. Given that both the Fire and the PC are now not seeing things that should be on the card, I'm thinking the card's the problem. (Which isn't to say the Fire isn't partly to blame...)

Very disappointing experience. And I'm really annoyed at the advertising falsehoods.
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