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February 20, 2017
it sounds like my idea of heaven. I’ve always wanted a threesome. HOLY DRAGON'S FIRE!! Now THIS is one FANTABULOUSLY AWESOME book!! Truly DRAGONTACULAR!! I love, Love, LOVE EVERYTHING about it! The Dragons, the powers, the mating (what? I'm being honest here! wink), the lore, but I love how Mia fits into it all even more! Skye's breathtaking storytelling combined with her exceptional & ingeniously distinctive creativity, has not only brought to life a truly phenomenal series - a phenomenal Dragon series, at that - that flies above the rest, but has also intrigued me with her "hybrids" so to speak. I don't want to say too much and ruin even a tiny bit of the magic for you, so I will just say that if you think that this is "just one more Dragon book" you would be so incredibly wrong and denying yourself something beautiful, magical, hot, sad, happy, emotional, loving and oh so perfectly PERFECT! I just want to add that I think that this is exactly the right length of the story too! With all that needed to happen, to be said... there isn't anything that I would change!! I have read & loved all of Skye's paranormal books, and in fact I actually re-read all of them in the past 6 weeks, so they are all still fresh in my mind making it easier to see... not necessarily a change in her writing, more like an increased level of depth and enrichment to her wording & writing. The phrases, thoughts & banter add an extra layer of enjoyment and when combined with her colorful, perfectly detailed descriptions, the connection to both the characters and the story itself is all but instantaneous as well as intensely beautiful. I love that Skye doesn’t limit or “restrict” herself to one writing style! Each of her books is a different and thoroughly entertaining reading experience BECAUSE the characters are all different! I never know what to expect with each book, but that is yet one more reason I love them! Each book is its own book, and I don’t feel like “if I read one, I have read them all”, not even in the slightest bit!! When I read a well-written, entertaining book, I often find myself living out the story with, for and often even as the characters themselves, and Skye's books are no exception! However with her last 3 or 4 releases - particularly with this new Dragon Clan series - Skye has "upped the ante" so to speak! I truly feel like I am seeing everything the characters are but through their eyes, seeing it the way they are with their feelings, thoughts, etc. influencing their thoughts and opinions of it. A little quaint house becomes something pretty, special & meaningful because that is how the character/house owner sees it. But when a different character sees it as a small, confined space, well that's how I feel about it at that moment too. This deep level of connection is rare for me and is not only a true treasure to be cherished, but also a tribute to Skye's storytelling! She is an author with extraordinary and limitless talent who also is blessed with a genuine gift! My only disappointment is that she doesn't have 500 books out there for me to lose myself in forever! YES!! I truly do love, Love, LOVE them THAT much! All three of them perched on the edge of the precipice. Did they jump, or would they still manage to step back?
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