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The manufacturer commented on the review belowReviewed in the United States on July 19, 2016
Easy to set up, true. There are two web sites that you have to go to and remember passwords for; the Mycloud and the WDmycloud. The later gets you to the Dashboard where all the settings can be found. The MyCloud site gets you to the shared folders you create via internet.

Here's the problem. I use two HDDs for my PC the smaller one, 250GB is used only for the OS which of course include the C: drive. The WD software only allows you to sync with your MyCloud device using the C: drive. It quickly filled up causing stress on my computer and me.

If I were able to steer the sync folders to another drive it would work better. I'm sure there's a fix but not sure how easy it is to do.

I never experienced it going off line. And once I was able to fix the Sharing properties in my computer, I was able to access data I placed in the public folders.

The backup software is the same as the software that comes with external drives. It works very well, but you can't access the data in the backup folders. You can only access the data in the shared/synced folders. That's also a detriment.
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