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July 14, 2019
The good! The diaper is all natural & hypoallergenic. That's great if your baby is sensitive. The Bad. This diaper holds less liquid than any other diaper. It's definitely not for night-time unless you plan to get up once, maybe twice depending on the night & the baby. The back of the diaper, (we're 15mo. size 4 @23lb. 30in. tall) is very narrow and doesn't offer full coverage of the rear end. We had liquid & solid/semi-solid leaks. The Ugly! Little tiny beads of absorbant gel swell like swollen Chia seeds (feel & texture). Our 1st night was actually quite schocking. The gel was all the way down into the feet of the pajama bottoms. It looked like babys feet were swollen. It seems to have leaked out around the bottom of the leg holes. It's either sewn or glued poorly. There's string hanging from the diaper but you think if one goes through the trouble of sewing a paper product, you would use better thread, something that would hold the filled contents of a diaper. It does put one's mind at ease to know that the filling is "non-toxic". It's sticky and it gets everywhere though. We ordered a case and have one of four bags left over. We've since switched to another brand rather than risk explosion. But note to the manufacturer:, don't feel too bad, even the expensive Huggies Supreme snug & dry have exploding gel in them. The only thing to do now is quickly potty train & don't have anymore kids, lol! (yeah right!).
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