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Reviewed in the United States on May 1, 2013
My son has been pulling his hair out since he was six (he's almost 11) and I tried all kinds of techniques and tricks to get him to stop. Parents who are dealing with this should know, shaming and berating make no difference. My son was already ashamed and felt so defeated by his trich that I knew his lack of control wasn't by choice. He often pulled without realizing it, like when your eating popcorn while watching a movie and before you know it, all the popcorn is gone. He also used it to soothe, like some people do with food or alcohol. Then one day I read about some studies using this supplement to help trich sufferers. I read the reviews and saw it did help some people (although not all). I didn't have high hopes, but I figured why not? It's been about three months (1 capsule a day seems to be enough for his 65 pounds) and my son now has a super thick head full of hair and I no longer see tufts of hair all around his bed. He had one little episode of pulling in the front, but once he became aware of it he was able to stop. This is the first time in 6 years that he hasn't begged me to wear a cap or try to fill in his bald spots with a sharpie marker. Even his doctor was surprised by the results. Thank goodness for the other reviewers who convinced me to give it a try.

Update: it's been a year. My son no longer pulls and he is off the supplement! I was so worried this was going to last the rest of his life. He still has a strange sensory need to "pet" his hair, but he does not pull. Yay!

Update #2: 2 years, he still pets some, but not like before where it was constant. That is also diminishing. I have found the occasional small knot of hair on the floor (like one every 3 months), where I think he was super stressed and rubbed his hair between two fingers until it knotted and fell out, but it doesn't happen enough to be a concern. He loses more hair when he uses his brush.

Update #3: 4 years and he no longer pets his hair. I haven't seen knotted bits or anything. Now he's a vain peacock when it comes to his hair, primping in front of the mirror and combing it just right.
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