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Reviewed in the United States on July 20, 2018
I'll update this once I've used it more, but so far I enjoy it. When I first set it up I had it so it took photos looking in the direction of my bed because that was the only option. It was horrible. I hated all my photos, I hated my body, I was like whelp no this isn't happening. So, she went back in the box. Cue about four days later, I opened it up and tried it again by pointing it in the direction of my white closet doors. It made SUCH a huge difference. My photos come out a lot crisper. One thing I would definitely note is that if you're tall, you're going to have to work with it a little to find the right angle. I'm 6'1 and when they said to put it at shoulder height they were SO wrong. It made me look dumpy. Try a different angle if you absolutely hate it at first. I can't comment on long-term usability yet but another suggestion, if you do not have a plain backdrop, is to hang up a sheet per a suggestion from a friend. That works super well too. Overall, I'm satisfied. Would I pay $200 for it? Absolutely not. Would I wait for Prime Day or Black Friday or whatever comes up next that drops it to $100? Yes. Totally not worth paying full price for it, because at the end of the day, it's a glorified Alexa with a freakishly good camera. I can do the same thing with a closet app on my phone and take mirror selfies. I'd say that's one difference with the Alexa though, you can see your backside, which can be helpful when you're comparing prints or shapes of skirts. The one time I used the "compare outfits" option already knowing which one looked styled better, she got it right, so I'm happy with that.
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