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Reviewed in the United States on September 9, 2019
Post Trip Update: The tent did fine. It rained all night the first night and no leaks. I did treat the fly and tent with 3 coats of waterproof spray before the trip so your experience may vary. When wet, treat the zippers very gently or they'll get stuck. Happened enough that I started being very patient with them. Other wise everything did fine. There is not a ton of room in this tent due to the design being so narrow at the top. I can see why some people think the size is fine and some think it's too small. There is enough room at ground level but not much if you're on your knees trying to roll up your sleeping bag and mat or change clothes. Compared to a 2 man Eureka Timberline (my old tent) this has 15" less width at the bottom, the same length, but the top narrows in for all sides so you only get the full 3' 7" right in the middle. It's okay but not really a roomy 2 man. As far as how warm the tent is, I had mixed experiences. It was nice and warm in cool 40F degree rainy weather my first night. On my third night I camped by Lake Ontario in 40 F degree and it was not warm at all. It was a lake effect phenomena with incredibly heavy dew in the morning but I'm hesitant to take it camping in cooler weather again. More uses may change my mind.

The tent overall has good quality and features with it's only weakness being the zippers liking to getting stuck when you're in a hurry to visit the tree. Having vestibules on both sides was very handy when it rained as it kept my large amount of motorcycle gear dry and out of sight. Twin vestibules make a huge difference over other tents I've used. Set up took 10-15 minutes if you're taking your time making sure all is good. Packing up took 30 minutes mainly because I had heavy dew every morning that it didn't rain and getting everything dry enough to pack took time. Having larger stakes does make getting it back in the bag tight but it works. I still think this tent is a good choice

Original Review: I've set up this tent twice preparing for an upcoming 2 week trip next week. It is easy to set up. Unroll the tent, assemble the two poles, stick the pole in the hole (hole of the footprint too if you have it) and then grab the other end and stick in the hole and then lay it on the tent. Repeat for the other pole. Pick up both poles together and then clip the top clips in place and then clip and tie the rainfly in place. Stake it out and you're done. 10 minutes tops. To pack isn't hard but you'll need to practice. Getting the rainfly folded is hardest part but not too bad.

I like that this tent has vestibules on each side. I like that this tent has very strong aluminum poles. The tent is medium waterproof at 3000ml. I like that it's a good three season tent (I wouldn't want to winter camp in it). I like that it's light weight and packs small. I like that a matched footprint is available to extend it's life and increase water resistance.

Things that are "OK". It's polyurethane coated polyester so it's ok where nylon would be stronger but less UV resistant. The "OK" floor is 210D (a Coleman Sundome is 1000D) but you'll want to be careful you don't set it up on abrasive/sharp stuff. The tent stakes are 'ok' but not ok enough so I bought 12 triangle stakes.

Overall this is a good quality tent. I have a lighter smaller backpacking tent and I have a heavier (3 man) car camping tent. Call this one Goldilocks because it's not too small nor too big, it's not too light or too heavy, and it's not too cheap or too expensive.

I'll update after my trip. Safe travels, may the road rise to meet you and may the Good Lord keep you.
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