How to Redeem Your Code for Digital Music.

Please follow these instructions to redeem your code for digital music.

1. Follow the redemption instructions you received in your offer or click the button below, enter your code, and click the "Apply" button.

2. Click the button below, enter the code you received, and click the "Apply" button. Please click "Apply" only one time and wait for confirmation. Clicking more than once will result in a false error message. The code you received is unique and can only be used once.

3. If you received a confirmation that your code has been entered successfully, the dollar amount of your code is now in your account and will remain there until it has been applied towards eligible purchases or until it expires on the date specified in the promotional offer details. If you receive an error entering your code, be sure to check that you've entered the code correctly and be sure that the promotion is still valid and has not expired. If you still receive an error, contact Customer Service via Amazon MP3 Support.

4. Browse for your favorite music at Amazon Digital Music, find the song, playlist or album you want, click the "Buy" button, and the dollar amount of your code will be automatically applied to your purchase.

5. If you have not used the full value of the promotional code on your purchase, we will automatically apply the remaining balance of your code on each of your additional Amazon Digital Music purchases until you have used its full value or until the code expires, whichever occurs first. You can check your code balance by clicking "Redeem Your Gift Card or Promotional Code and View Balance" button, visible on every Digital Music detail page.

6. After your purchase, you can confirm that your code was applied by checking your order confirmation, which will be sent to you by e-mail.

7. Additional Terms and Conditions apply.

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