The 100 Greatest Singer-Songwriter Albums of All Time

The 100 Greatest Jazz Albums of All Time

Our editors put their stamp of approval on the 100 best-ever albums from the ever-changing world of jazz.

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Selection Criteria

Because of its long, storied history, jazz has existed in recorded form longer than the format, or even concept of the album has, which certainly complicates making a list of the 100 Greatest Jazz Albums of All Time. There were many incredible, influential, and vital jazz musicians who never released a single album--many, if not most of those who created and shaped the genre in its early days are included in that group. However, this is a list of the greatest jazz albums of all time, not the most influential or innovative jazz musicians of all time. Here are the rules we used to compile our list:

• Legitimate album releases only: no collections, compilations, singles, or EPs.
• Reissues, even those with tacked-on bonus tracks, qualify for inclusion.
• While we typically only allow one album per artist, due to the collaborative nature of jazz as an art form, and the drastically different styles played by single artists within one career, we will allow multiple albums by the same artists.

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More Jazz Heavyweights

Jelly Roll Morton
Some incredible jazz musicians never released a single album, others didn't quite fit the genre, and still more just didn't make the cut. Rather than totally exclude them, here are some of our favorites who didn't survive our criteria:
Jelly Roll Morton
Django Reinhardt
Glenn Miller
Scott Joplin
Annette Hanshaw
Bix Beiderbecke
King Oliver
Nina Simone
Anita O'Day
Cab Calloway
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