What Is EPEAT®?

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EPEAT® (the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) is the premier environmental rating system for electronic products, designed to help you easily evaluate, compare and select environmentally preferable products.

EPEAT is a worldwide standard, used by global companies, governments and consumers to ‘green’ their electronics purchasing. By using EPEAT to select environmentally preferable products, individuals and organizations can reduce their own environmental impact while also helping to build consistent worldwide market demand for more sustainable IT products.

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EPEAT rates products based on 51 environmental performance criteria (23 required, 28 optional) that address all facets of the products’ lifecycle, including: toxics reduction, recycled content and recyclability, product longevity, end-of-life management, energy efficiency, packaging and corporate responsibility. Products are rated Bronze, Silver or Gold according to the number of optional criteria they meet above the baseline of 23 required criteria. EPEAT maintains a verification system to ensure the accuracy of the product declarations and ratings.

EPEAT Product Rating Logos

How EPEAT was Developed

The EPEAT system was developed in an open collaborative process supported by US EPA. A large group of stakeholders including environmental advocates, manufacturers, private and public purchasers, recyclers, and technology researchers all brought their different perspectives, needs and knowledge to bear on the environmental issues surrounding electronics. The EPEAT standard development process resulted in a strong, meaningful rating system that all groups could agree on, including specific environmental criteria against which products are measured, and a system for registering and verifying products that meet those criteria.

EPEAT registered computers and monitors are high-performance products that commonly cost no more than similar conventional products. However, compared to ordinary computer equipment, all EPEAT-registered products contain reduced levels of cadmium, lead, mercury and other toxics to better protect human health and the environment. They are more energy efficient, which makes them less expensive to operate and reduces emissions of greenhouse gases, they are designed to last longer, and they are also easier to upgrade and recycle.

Results to Date

Since the program’s launch in July 2006, the more than 101 million EPEAT-registered products sold in the US alone have resulted in:

· 30 billion kilowatt hours of electricity saved
· 54 million metric tons of primary materials used in products
· 3 million kilograms of toxic materials eliminated
· 100 million kilograms of hazardous waste avoided
· 3.9 million metric tons of greenhouse gases emissions avoided

For more about EPEAT visit www.epeat.net.

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