Disc+ Disc+ On Demand Frequently Asked Questions

What is Disc+ On Demand?
When you purchase select DVD and Blu-ray titles from you will also receive an Amazon Instant Video standard definition version as a gift with purchase (see details). You’ll be able to instantly enjoy the instant video version on your Mac, PC, compatible device or compatible TV when it is available.

How do I play the Amazon Instant Video digital version I receive with my Disc+ On Demand purchase?
When you purchase a Disc+ On Demand Blu-ray or DVD, we'll automatically add the digital version to Your Video Library.

To access a video from Your Video Library on
1. Visit Your Video Library at
2. Sign in to your account if prompted.
3. Click on the video you want to watch.
4. Choose "Watch Now" for instant viewing access through your web browser or "Download" to see a list of download locations and available copies of the video.
If you select "Download" for off-line viewing, choose a download location from the pull-down menu and click the "Download Now" button.
If you're new to Amazon Instant Video, you can learn more about the options available for viewing your videos.

How do I know if a Blu-ray or DVD includes Disc+ On Demand?
If you're interested in getting digital versions of the titles you buy, simply look for the Disc+ On Demand message on the detail pages of your favorite Movies and TV shows. When you purchase the Blu-ray or DVD from the Amazon Instant Video standard definition version will be automatically included as a gift with purchase.

What is the quality of the Amazon Instant Video version?
Disc+ On Demand includes the Amazon Instant Video standard definition version. The video quality we deliver will depend on your internet connection. We'll automatically detect your connection speed and send you the highest quality stream your connection can support. The stream quality will be displayed on the video player.

How fast does my Internet connection need to be to watch an Amazon Instant Video title?
We support a minimum connection speed of 450 Kbits/sec but recommend a connection speed of 1.5 Mbits/sec or higher to get the most out of your online Amazon Instant Video experience. We're unable to deliver these high-quality videos online via dial-up and other slow connections.

Is Disc+ On Demand available to customers outside of the United States?
Due to licensing restrictions, the Amazon Instant Video service is only available to customers located in the United States.