Kindle Education: School FAQ

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My school or district would like to purchase Kindles. What should I do? Please visit Education Sales for more information.

Does Amazon have education grants or discounts? We are not currently offering education grants. We do provide discounts for large orders. Please visit Education Sales for more information on bulk sales.

Which titles and textbooks are available on Kindle? The Kindle Store has thousands of textbooks, including popular titles from Pearson, Cengage, McGraw-Hill, and Wiley. There are also tens of thousands of free, out-of-copyright books such as Pride and Prejudice and Gulliver’s Travels. Use the search box at the top of the page to quickly find the books you need. Or download millions of free classics available at sites such as and load them directly onto your Kindle.

What if materials I need are not available on the Kindle? Book and textbook selection will depend on availability from publishers. If a specific book you are looking for is not available in the Kindle Store, we recommend that you contact the publisher to express your interest. In the print book store, look for the "Tell the Publisher!" box found on the page of many print books; click the link that says "I’d like to read this book on Kindle." The Kindle Education team is always working to provide educators with the largest possible selection of content.

Can I transfer my own files to Kindle devices? Yes, you can transfer files such as your course syllabus, PDF class readings, or even a podcast in MP3 format. File types recognized by Kindle and Kindle’s Document Service include:

• Documents: PDF (.PDF, Microsoft Word (.DOC), HTML (.HTML, .HTM), Kindle (.AZW, .AZW1), Text (.TXT), Unprotected Mobipocket (.MOBI, .PRC)

• Graphics: RTF (.RTF), JPEG (.JPEG, .JPG), GIF (.GIF), PNG (.PNG), BMP (.BMP)

• Audible: Audible (.AA, .AAX)

• Music: MP3 (.MP3)

Visit Kindle Support for detailed file-transfer instructions and the most up-to-date list of file-type compatibility.

How do I manage multiple devices?

Whispercast is a free online tool that helps your school manage its Kindle devices and distribute content. Learn more about Whispercast.