Kindle Format 8

Kindle Publisher Tools with KF8
Available for download now
Kindle Fire

• HTML5 support

• Drop caps

• CSS3 support

• Kindle Text Pop Up

• Fixed layouts

• Kindle Panel View

• Embedded fonts

And many more!
Children's books
Children's picture books come to life with brilliant images, fixed layouts and Kindle Text Pop Up.
Fiction looks well formatted with embedded fonts, line spacing, alignment, and justification.
Technical and engineering
Technical and engineering books are created more efficiently with Cascading Style Sheet 3 formatting, nested tables, boxed elements and Scalable Vector Graphics.
Comics and graphic novels
Comics and graphic novels are presented in high resolution color with Kindle Panel Views.

The list of new capabilities in Kindle Format 8 can be found here.

Please download the new versions of KindleGen and Kindle Previewer and get started today. KindleGen 2 creates KF8 content from a wide variety of input sources including HTML, XHTML, and EPUB. Kindle Previewer 2 provides an easy way to preview how titles will look on Kindle devices and apps. We’ve also updated the Kindle Publishing Guidelines to help publishers get started with Kindle Format 8.


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KindleGen Examples

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