HTML TagDescription
<!--...-->Specifies a comment
<!DOCTYPE> Specifies the document type
<?xml?>This tag identifies a document as an XML document
<a>Specifies a hyperlink
<address>Specifies an address element
<article>Specifies an article
<aside>Specifies content aside from the page content
<b>Specifies bold text
<blockquote>Specifies a long quotation
<body>Specifies the body element
<br>Inserts a single line break
<caption>Specifies a table caption
<center>Centers text horizontally
<cite>Specifies a citation
<code>Specifies computer code text
<col>Specifies attributes for table columns 
<dd>Specifies a definition description
<del>Specifies deleted text
<dfn>Defines a definition term
<div>Specifies a section in a document
<dl>Specifies a definition list
<dt>Specifies a definition term
<em>Specifies emphasized text 
<figcaption>Specifies caption for the figure element.
<figure>Specifies a group of media content, and their caption
<footer>Specifies a footer for a section or page
<h1>Specifies a heading level 1
<h2>Specifies a heading level 2
<h3>Specifies a heading level 3
<h4>Specifies a heading level 4
<h5>Specifies a heading level 5
<h6>Specifies a heading level 6
<head>Specifies information about the document
<header>Specifies a group of introductory or navigational aids, including hgroup elements
<hgroup>Specifies a header for a section or page
<hr>Specifies a horizontal rule
<html>Specifies an html document
<i>Specifies italic text
<img>Specifies an image
<ins>Specifies inserted text
<kbd>Specifies keyboard text
<li>Specifies a list item
<link>Specifies a resource reference
<mark>Specifies marked text
<menu>Specifies a menu list
<ol>Specifies an ordered list
<output>Specifies some types of output
<p>Specifies a paragraph
<pre>Specifies preformatted text
<q>Specifies a short quotation
<rp>Used for the benefit of browsers that don't support ruby annotations
<rt>Specifies the ruby text component of a ruby annotation.
<samp>Specifies sample computer code
<section>Specifies a section
<small>Specifies small text
<source>Specifies media resources
<span>Specifies a section in a document
<strong>Specifies strong text
<style>Specifies a style definition
<strike>Create a strikethrough text
<sub>Specifies subscripted text
<sup>Specifies superscripted text
<table>Specifies a table
<tbody>Specifies a table body
<td>Specifies a table cell
<tfoot>Specifies a table footer
<th>Specifies a table header
<thead>Specifies a table header
<time>Specifies a date/time
<title>Specifies the document title
<tr>Specifies a table row
<u>Underlines any text it encloses
<ul>Specifies an unordered list
<var>Specifies a variable
<wbr>Specifies a line break opportunity for very long words and strings of text with no spaces.
<nav>Specifies navigation links
<summary>Specifies a summary/caption for the <details> element