Amazon Device Brand Use
Can I use Amazon device trademarks, logos or device images?

Amazon is excited to work with individuals and companies who want to advertise that their products and services are available for or use Amazon devices in their promotions. Common situations include:

  • Your product (book, magazine, movie, app, etc.) is available for Amazon devices such as Kindle and you want to tell customers your product is "Available for Kindle," by using an Amazon or Kindle logo, or showing your content displayed on an Amazon device.
  • You want to use Amazon device brand materials in connection with using Amazon devices in a giveaway, a sweepstakes or other promotion, or at a trade show or other event.
  • You want to use Amazon device brand materials in a book or movie.

The Amazon device brands, including our trademarks, logos, images, and other distinctive elements, are the intellectual property of Amazon. We are committed to protecting the value and reputation of the Amazon brands. Accordingly, to use Amazon device brand materials, you must meet the Amazon Device Brand Use Requirements set out below and submit your proposed use for approval. Once we have reviewed your submission we will contact you by email regarding your request.

Use in Europe

If you would like to use Amazon device brand materials in Europe, please contact us at

Amazon Device Brand Use Requirements

By using any Amazon device brand materials you agree to the Brand Use Terms and Conditions, and you must:

  1. Follow our Trademark Guidelines.
  2. Follow our Marketing Guidelines.
  3. Obtain our pre-approval for your creative using this form.
    • Exception to Pre-Approval Requirement: If your digital media is available from Amazon for Amazon devices and you want to use an Amazon device logo or a picture of your digital media on an Amazon device, you do not need pre-approval if you follow the Tagging and Framing Guidelines. Also, if you use a logo, follow the Logo Guidelines.
News Media

If you are a member of the news media, please contact us at or visit our Amazon Device and Digital Content press room. To advertise your publication as being "available on Kindle," please follow the instructions on this page.

Business and Education Sales

If you would like information on business and education sales, please contact us at