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KindleGen is a command line tool which enables publishers to work in an automated environment with a variety of source content including HTML, XHTML or EPUB. KindleGen converts this source content to a single file which supports both KF8 and Mobi formats enabling publishers to create great-looking books that work on all Kindle devices and apps.

KindleGen is officially supported by Amazon to convert files to the Kindle format. We recommend you use KindleGen to create content that is compatible with all Kindle devices and apps. Files created with third-party software may not work properly on current or future Kindle devices and apps.

Highlights of KindleGen functionality
  • Support for all KF8 functionality
  • Generates a single file supporting both KF8 and Mobi format
  • Support for multiple source formats including HTML, XHTML and EPUB
System Requirements
  • Windows XP, Vista or 7
  • Intel Mac OSX 10.5 or later
  • Linux 2.6 i386


By downloading this application, you agree to terms of use

KindleGen v2.9 for Windows (XP, Vista, 7)
Click here to download Kindlegen
KindleGen v2.9 for Mac OS 10.5 and above i386
Click here to download Kindlegen
KindleGen v2.9 for Linux 2.6 i386
Click here to download Kindlegen
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I publish my Word doc to Kindle?
A: If you would like to publish your word doc to Kindle we recommend you use Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Click here for more information on KDP.

Q: Will the files created using KindleGen work on all Kindle devices?
A: Yes. The files created using KindleGen will continue to work on all the Kindle platforms.

Q: Is there a GUI tool I can use instead of KindleGen?
A: If your source content is in the EPUB format you can use Kindle Previewer for conversion.

Q: How do I install and launch KindleGen?
A: Information on how to install and launch KindleGen is in the README.

Q: What command line options are available in KindleGen?
A: To see all the command line options available in KindleGen you can open a command prompt and execute KindleGen. Step by step instructions on how to execute KindleGen are in the README.

Q: Where is the Kindle file created by KindleGen?
A: By default the Kindle file created by KindleGen will be in the same directory as your source file.

Q: Will the Mobi extension file created with KindleGen 2 support KF8 format?
A: KindleGen generates a single file with a Mobi extension which supports both Mobi and KF8 format.

Q: Can I have more control on the styling for my Mobi content?
A: If you need more control on the styling for Mobi content, we recommend you use media queries. More details on using media queries in the new Kindle Publishing Guidelines.

Q: How can I test the content created using KindleGen?
A: As a best practice we recommend that you use Kindle Previewer to preview your content on the different Kindle devices and apps.


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