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Look Inside the Book Program

Look Inside the Book is a free program offered by Amazon. If you are a publisher or author, sign up now for our Look Inside the Book program to promote and merchandise your print books.
Look Inside the Book is also available for Kindle titles. Kindle titles are automatically added to the program within a week of the on-sale date and need no additional sign up or content submission.
Enrolling your titles helps sell more of your books in three primary ways:

For more information about how to get started, please visit our Look Inside the Book FAQ section:


headline1 Point-of-Sale Sampling

From any book detail page, customers have the opportunity to sample participating books using our Look Inside reader.
From both Kindle and Print previews customers can:

   • Sample pages from within the reader
   • Switch back and forth between the print and Kindle samples without leaving the reader
   • View books on similar topics and previously viewed books

Within the print sample, customers can also preview random pages and search for specific references or characters.



headline2 1-Click Purchasing

When a customer decides to purchase your book they can conveniently do so from within the Look Inside reader. An Add to Cart or Buy with 1-Click button can be found throughout the customer's previewing experience, eliminating the need to return to the book detail page.


headline3 Improved Search Results

When customers search for books on Amazon.com, we use the actual words from inside participating print books--not just the author, title, and keywords supplied by the publisher--to return the best possible selection of books. For matches inside the book, we also display a short excerpt and links to the page where the query matched.

For example, if Jane Book-Buyer hears about a book discussing "economically productive households" but can't remember the title or author, Jane can search on Amazon.com and discover that the phrase was made popular by Thomas Stanley in his Millionaire Mind book series and link directly to pages in the book where the phrase appears.


With this helpful search feature, customers can discover print books that may never have surfaced in previous search results. All of these features combine to help customers discover and sell more of your books.