Author Kailin Gow has devoted her life to inspiring girls and young women to become their own heroes. Kailin’s books feature strong, smart, adventurous female characters who face tough challenges and find the power to shape their own destinies. The story of Kailin’s self-made success as an author underscores the message in her books— anyone can change her own life.

I know this will open the door for so many to pursue their dreams.”

Kailin Gow, author of The Fire Wars

Three years ago, Kailin’s daughter was diagnosed as autistic, and her mom faced a life-threatening cancer. “I did what I always do when I’m stressed,” says Kailin, “I wrote. And I found an escape through the type of fiction books I wrote, books with fantastical worlds featuring characters that have bigger issues in life than what I was facing. I wrote books where love was the strongest magic and everyone has the power to change their fate.”

Kailin had founded her own publishing company in 2001 and was a firm believer in the freedom that self-publishing offered. The problem was that marketing her books, distributing them, and trying to reach potential readers all on her own was a full-time job in itself. She wanted to bring her new books to readers but needed to find a way to spend less time on the business side of things, so she could devote her time to her mother and daughter. More income wouldn’t hurt either.

Kailin decided to try Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), a self-service platform that let her reach millions of potential new readers. “My faith in the power to create our own destinies was one main reason why I enrolled in KDP. It not only offered me the freedom to put out books that were different than what was traditionally being published, but it gave me a way to create more revenue—and more time to be there for my friends and family.”

Kailin explains, “With Amazon, for each book sold I got to keep about three times as much of the royalties as I would have with traditional publishing. Not only that, but the affordability and speed of delivery of my books in the Kindle format increased their sales by more than 70 percent. The added revenue stream helped relieve the stress I had in trying to balance my life situation with work. Using the KDP platform also made administration easier, thus creating more time for me to write my books.”

“Since publishing on Kindle, I’ve been blessed beyond measure,” says Kailin. “I’ve been pushed to become a better writer and have met the most interesting people through my books. I’ve even formed friendships. One woman, who was bedridden at the time and lived in an area where receiving mail was slower, came to rely on reading Kindle books to help her escape her pain. She wrote me, telling me that my fantasy books helped her escape into a vivid imaginary world, with inspiring characters who she came to care about. We’re still in touch.”

Kailin is now working on the next book in her Frost series. “Without KDP, I would not have achieved the level of success that I’ve been blessed with. Amazon shares the benefits of self-publishing—and the rewards!—with authors. I know this will open the door for so many to pursue their dreams.”

Kailin Gow is one of thousands of authors being discovered by Amazon customers.

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