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    "Impressed for Hardwood Floors Even Without Pets" - By dave
    I have dark hardwood floors that get dirty very easily. I wanted to make sure I bought a floor only vaccuum that wouldn't damage the floor. The V design is cool because you can literally see the dust and stuff being sucked into the center. The bottom has a soft material that won't scratch the floors. Even without pets, I highly recommend this to anyone who was looking for a solution for hardwood floors. Please keep in mind I use this before I clean the floor with a microfiber pad, water, and Bona natural floor cleaner.

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    "Perfect vacuum for hardwood floors" - By SSB (Pittsburgh, PA USA)
    Very happy with this product! Was looking for a vacuum for new hardwood floors and wanted the "no beater bar" option this product provides. The suction power of this thing is amazing! Does the job easily and better than I expected. We have ~800 sq ft of hardwood with 2 wool area rugs that I mainly use this vacuum on. I run it 2-3 times per week and find I have to charge the battery about once a week. I do wish the battery lasted longer, but once you get a sense of how long it lasts, you can plan around that. It's easy to maintain - the cup that collects the dirt can be emptied right into the trash. If you have a dog, you might find you have to empty the cup fairly often (like us). I am very pleased with this product and would highly recommend it.

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    "No hesitation - the best wet/dry Hardwood Floor Cleaner!" - By Amanda Alambaugh "Amanda" (Texas, USA)
    I, like many of you, had been shopping for a hardwood floor cleaner for over a year. I knew they were expensive, and frankly I was exhausted with all of the options. So it's been me and my Swiffer WetJet for years. No longer! I ordered the Hoover FloorMate from Amazon after reading countless reviews, then comparison shopping. I found Amazon to have the cheapest price around. Plus, free shipping....how can you go wrong? So when it arrived in a week or so, I was ecstatic to try it out. Instructions were very easy to follow and within minutes I was experimenting with my tiled kitchen floor. One of the best features of this vacuum is that it does it ALL... full review

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    "Listen it is for hardwood floors!!!!" - By Pacificman11
    This is a wonderful vacuum for hardwood floors (or tile, viynl ect.) will not work on carpet so don't even try. Makes handy vacuum to clean up after small projects like hanging blinds(saw dust). We have two dogs and 2000 plus Sq ft of hardwoods in our new home and my wife was going crazy trying to keep them clean with swiffers, bought her this on amazon and recieved it in 2 days (prime) we botha are tall (5'10" and 6'4") and love the long handle no more bending over, wish the brush attachments were better but we have extra from our other vacuums. Again for hard surfaces this is a 5 star all the way.

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    "Perfect for hardwood or tile floors!" - By Eaglemom "Mad about movies" (Texas)
    I spent days researching to find a vacuum that would work well on hardwood floors. We had the same problem as everyone with a house full of wood and tile floors.....easy to get the dust up, but no vacuum I have, including my $1800 Kirby, that would vacuum up loose things on the floor...pet hair, dirt, etc. I looked at store after store, and would come home and read reviews and nothing would do the job and it seemed on all the forums that everyone was searching for the solution to this problem. I happened onto a discussion about the Miele Olympus S2120 and everyone said the same thing.....AMAZING!! The only negative remark I could find was that the cord was only 21 feet long.....that's an easy fix....extension cord!! We got ours, and we tried it, and it's everything that it was reviewed to be. My husband's back would kill him after using other vacs because he had to bend over to use it, and this one has a telescoping handle so he doesn't have to bend over. It's made and designed very well, and is whisper quiet. The wheels are made of soft rubber so it doesn't scratch the wood floor (another quality you cannot find in another vac), and the suction power is fantastic, and it has variable speed on that too. Just an amazing vac for hardwood or tile floors. I read a review that said, "it will change your life", and they are so right. If you are looking for a vac for hardwood or tile floors, you don't have to look any further....this is the ONE!! Get it, and you won't be sorry.

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    "Overall good "touch up" vacuum" - By KitchenGadgets-aholic" (IL)
    This will not replace your regular vacuum, even for hardwood. We planned to use this between regular vacuuming to essentially clean the crumbs and pet hair that migrate onto the floor especially in the high traffic areas. For that, it works wonderfully, but proper expectations should be set. Here are some pros and cons I have found in the month we have owned it:... full review

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    "Perfect for hardwood floors and tile" - By Anya_CO (Denver, CO)
    I recently bought a condo that has hardwood floors or tile in every room but one. I have a 70lb dog and while she doesn't shed a lot, I do like to sweep or vacuum at least twice a week. I have not used this vacuum on the carpet, but for the tile and hardwood floors it works great. It has picked up coffee beans, dog fur, leaves, and everyday dirt.

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    "Great for homes with Tile or Hardwood" - By RavenTN
    I bought this vacuum for my mother who is 60. She would use a sweeper to clean the hardwood and tile, then get a vacuum to use on the rugs. Now she cleans faster, easier and better with this Vacuum. It is lightweight, easily manueverable with the swivel steering and has the same suction power as a Dyson. She really likes the feature to turn the brush heads on and off, to prevent scratching the hardwood floors. You can also adjust the suction by turning a knob for shaggy rugs. It is so simple and compact, emptying the bin is a breeze. the lift away top is handy for stairs or cleaning out your car. My next vacuum purchase will be another one of these vacuums!

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    "Great for a hardwood floor home" - By shalling (Brookline, MA)
    I returned my iRobot after use for 2 weeks because I found out that it scratches my newly installed hardwood floor and left many marks. I was losing hope to get help from a robot to clean the floor, until I found Mint which works differently from all other vacuum type of robots available. I have been using swifter to clean my hardwood floor, so I know Mint will clean just fine. Several things I like compared with iRobot - won't hurt hardwood floor - very quiet. I have a cat and she is really scared by the loud noise of iRobot... full review

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    "Perfect for cleaning my bedroom" - By Hua Guo
    I have purchased this not specifically to clean up pet hair, but to clean my bedroom floor in general. I have a large rug in my room and I clean it once every week using this vacuum cleaner. I've been using it for nearly one month and I find it very handy for my purpose! It works well on both the rug and the hardwood floor. It is very satisfying to see my bedroom floor becoming much cleaner with hardly any effort on my side!