The Rudy Van Gelder (RVG) Editions: The Complete Collection

The legendary recording engineer Rudy Van Gelder is as integral a part of Jazz history as any of the musicians who created the music. As the "go-to" engineer for Blue Note, Prestige, and Impulse in the 1950s and '60s, Van Gelder made clean, crisp, and meticulously well-balanced recordings from his home studio in Hackensack and later in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, contributing to classic after classic. This collection contains the most-important sessions ever recorded for Alfred Lion's Blue Note imprint and, arguably, the finest jazz ever recorded. Here is a complete listing of all the recordings in The Complete RVG Collection.

·Somethin' Else, Cannonball Adderley
·A Night at Bridland - Vol. 1, Art Blakey
·A Night at Bridland - Vol. 2, Art Blakey
·Meet You at the Jazz Corner of the World (2CD's), Art Blakey
·Mosaic, Art Blakey
·Indestructable, Art Blakey
·Moanin', Art Blakey
·Big Beat, Art Blakey with the Jazz Messengers
·Like Someone In Love, Art Blakey with the Jazz Messengers
·A Night in Tunisia, Art Blakey with the Jazz Messengers
·At Bohemia - Volume 1, Art Blakey with the Jazz Messengers
·At Bohemia - Volume 2, Art Blakey with the Jazz Messengers
·Buhaina's Light, Art Blakey with the Jazz Messengers
·Free For All, Art Blakey with the Jazz Messengers
·True Blue, Tina Brooks
·Memorial Album, Clifford Brown
·Jazz Immortal, Clifford Brown
·Midnight Blue, Kenny Burrell
·Slow Drag, Donald Byrd
·Byrd In Hand, Donald Byrd
·Fuego, Donald Byrd
·Free Form, Donald Byrd
·At the Half Note Café (2CD's), Donald Byrd
·A New Perspective, Donald Byrd
·Symphony for Improvisers, Don Cherry
·Sonny Clark Trio, Sonny Clark
·Dial S For Sonny, Sonny Clark
·Cool Struttin', Sonny Clark
·At the Golden Circle - Volume 1, Ornette Coleman
·At the Golden Circle - Volume 2, Ornette Coleman
·Little Johnny C, Johnny Coles
·Blue Train, John Coltrane
·Birth of the Cool, Miles Davis
·Miles Davis vol. 1
·Miles Davis vol. 2
·Out to Lunch, Eric Dolphy
·Natural Soul, Lou Donaldson
·Una Mas, Kenny Dorham
·Whistle Stop, Kenny Dorham
·Round Midnight at the Café (2CD's), Kenny Dorham
·A Swingin' Affair, Dexter Gordon
·Getting' Around, Dexter Gordon
·Our Man In Paris, Dexter Gordon
·Dexter Calling, Dexter Gordon
·Doin' Alright, Dexter Gordon
·One Flight Up, Dexter Gordon
·Go, Dexter Gordon
·Am I Blue by Chopin
·Green Street, Grant Green
·Sunday Morning, Grant Green
·Feelin' the Spirit, Grant Green
·Grantstand, Grant Green
·Goin' West, Grant Green
·Idle Moments, Grant Green
·A Blowin' Session, Johnny Griffin
·My Point of View, Herbie Hancock
·Prisoner, Herbie Hancock
·Inventions and Dimensions, Herbie Hancock
·Speak Like A Child, Herbie Hancock
·Maiden Voyage, Herbie Hancock
·Empyrean Isles, Herbie Hancock
·Our Thing, Joe Henderson
·Mode for Joe, Joe Henderson
·Inner Urge, Joe Henderson
·In 'N Out, Joe Henderson
·Page One, Joe Henderson
·Smoke Stack, Andrew Hill
·Judgment, Andrew Hill
·Black Fire, Andrew Hill
·Point of Departure, Andrew Hill
·Hub Cap, Freddie Hubbard
·Ready for Freddie, Freddie Hubbard
·Breaking Point, Freddie Hubbard
·Blue Spirits, Freddie Hubbard
·Night of the Cookers - Volumes 1 and 2 (2CD's), Freddie Hubbard
·Open Sesame, Freddie Hubbard
·Hub-Tones, Freddie Hubbard
·Dialogue, Bobby Hutcherson
·Oblique, Bobby Hutcherson
·Wizard of the Vibes, Milt Jackson
·The Eminent - Volume 1, J.J. Johnson
·The Eminent - Volume 2, J.J. Johnson
·Blowing in From Chicago, Clifford Jordan and John Gilmore
·A Fickle Sonance, Jackie McLean
·Capuchin Swing, Jackie McLean
·Jackie's Bag, Jackie McLean
·Let Freedom Ring, Jackie McLean
·Right Now, Jackie McLean
·Destination, Jackie McLean
·Action, Jackie McLean
·Down With It!, Blue Mitchell
·Boss Horn, Blue Mitchell
·Thing To Do, Blue Mitchell
·Reach Out, Hank Mobley
·No Room for Squares, Hank Mobley
·Turnaround, Hank Mobley
·Workout, Hank Mobley
·Dippin', Hank Mobley
·Roll Call, Hank Mobley
·Hi Voltage, Hank Mobley
·Soul Station, Hank Mobley
·Genius of Modern Music - Volume 1, Thelonious Monk
·Genius of Modern Music - Volume 2, Thelonious Monk
·Rumproller, Lee Morgan
·Gigolo, Lee Morgan
·Tom Cat, Lee Morgan
·Leeway, Lee Morgan
·Search for the New Land, Lee Morgan
·Sixth Sense, Lee Morgan
·Sidewinder, Lee Morgan
·Let Me Tell You 'Bout It, Leo Parker
·Sweet Honey Bee, Duke Pearson
·Time Waits, Bud Powell
·Amazing Bud Powell - Volume 1, Bud Powell
·Amazing Bud Powell - Volume 2, Bud Powell
·Amazing Bud Powell - Volume 3, Bud Powell
·Scene Changes, Bud Powell
·Heavy Soul, Ike Quebec
·Music from the Connection, Freddie Redd
·Sonny Rollins Volume 1
·Sonny Rollins Volume 2
·Newk's Time, Sonny Rollins
·A Night at the Village Vanguard (2CD's), Sonny Rollins
·All Seeing Eye, Wayne Shorter
·Night Dreamer, Wayne Shorter
·Adam's Apple, Wayne Shorter
·Speak No Evil, Wayne Shorter
·Speak No Evil, Wayne Shorter
·Juju, Wayne Shorter
·Six Pieces of Silver, Horace Silver
·In Pursuit of the 27th Man, Horace Silver
·Silver's Serenade, Horace Silver
·Horace-Scope, Horace Silver
·Stylings of Silver, Horace Silver
·With the Jazz Messengers, Horace Silver
·Horace Silver Trio, Horace Silver
·Cape Verdean Blues, Horace Silver
·Serenade to a Soul Sister, Horace Silver
·Blowin' the Blues Away, Horace Silver
·Song For My Father, Horace Silver
·Finger Poppin', Horace Silver Quintet
·Sounds of Jimmy Smith, Jimmy Smith
·Sermon, Jimmy Smith
·House Party, Jimmy Smith
·Cool Blues, Jimmy Smith
·Softly as a Summer Breeze, Jimmy Smith
·At the Organ Vol. 3, Jimmy Smith
·Rockin' the Boat, Jimmy Smith
·Prayer Meetin', Jimmy Smith
·Home Cookin', Jimmy Smith
·Groovin' at Small's (2CD's), Jimmy Smith
·Turning Point, Lonnie Smith
·Think!, Lonnie Smith
·Conquistador!, Cecil Taylor
·That's Where It's At, Stanley Turrentine
·Joyride, Stanley Turrentine
·Hustlin', Stanley Turrentine
·Never Let Me go, Stanley Turrentine
·Blue Hour (2CD's), Stanley Turrentine/Three Sounds
·Time for Tyner, McCoy Tyner
·Tender Moments, McCoy Tyner
·Real McCoy, McCoy Tyner
·Life Time, Tony Williams
·Unity, Larry Young
·Blue Note Perfect Takes (1 Cd, 1 DVD)