Kindle MatchBook Program Details

  • For books in the MatchBook Program, your past or present purchase from Amazon of a new print edition of that book allows you to buy the Kindle edition for $2.99 or less. (Textbooks available for $9.99 or less.) For more information, go to Kindle MatchBook.
  • Kindle MatchBook offers are personal to you and may not be gifted or transferred.
  • Kindle MatchBook offers do not apply to used books, books sold by other sellers, and books not enrolled in the Kindle MatchBook program.
  • MatchBook is currently only available on; prices may vary by country settings.
  • You may cancel your order or return the print edition of the book according to our normal order cancellation and product return policies that apply to the print edition of the book. However, if you return or cancel your print book order after your purchase of the Kindle edition at the reduced Kindle Matchbook price, you are no longer eligible for the reduced Kindle MatchBook price. You will be considered to have purchased the Kindle edition of the book from the Kindle Store at the regular price, and we will charge your credit card (or other payment method) for the regular price of the Kindle edition. We will cancel and refund the Kindle Matchbook purchase and repurchase the Kindle book on your behalf at the regular price. If you'd like to cancel this Kindle book order at the regular price, you may do so according to the Kindle product return policies by contacting Customer Service.

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