Listen to Your Flash Briefing

With Flash Briefing, Alexa delivers news and content from popular broadcasters, local weather information, and more. Some providers have video flash briefings available to play along with the audio on compatible Echo devices.

To get started, set up your Flash Briefing settings in the Alexa app:

  1. Go to the menu and select Settings.
  2. Select Flash Briefing.
  3. Use the toggle next to each available news program or service to add it to your Flash Briefing.

You can select Edit to arrange when your selected news programs play during your Flash Briefing.

Some Flash Briefings are only short (<5 minute) news updates, while others have several hours of in-depth coverage, or continuous radio coverage. Some programs have additional feeds you can add to your Flash Briefing. You can find them in the Off section.

Note: Your Flash Briefing settings apply to all Alexa devices registered to your Amazon account, and all users in your home get access to the same Flash Briefing content. However, if you or anyone in your home has a voice profile, Flash Briefing automatically skips stories and news items you've already heard. To learn more, go to About Alexa Voice Profiles.

Listen to Your Flash Briefing

To do this... Say or do this...
Listen to your Flash Briefing

"What's my Flash Briefing?"

"What's the news?"

Note: If you have a voice profile, when Alexa recognizes your voice, Flash Briefing skips the news stories you've already heard. If you want to hear all available stories, say, "Play all my Flash Briefing," or "Play all my news."

Navigate your Flash Briefing




Navigate your video Flash Briefing

Tap the screen to see video playback options. You can also say:

"Pause / Stop."

"Resume / Continue."



After you request your Flash Briefing, a card appears in the Alexa app. Cards for certain providers contain links to full stories for further reading.

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