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Amazon Fire TV Settings Basics

Your Amazon Fire TV is designed to automatically make most configuration settings, but you can also use the Settings menu to manage your apps, Internet connection, remotes, system preferences, and more.

Video: Settings

Select Settings from the Fire TV menu to access available options:

Tip: You can also open Settings from the Quick Access menu by pressing and holding the Home Home Button 
		button on your remote.


Open Notifications to view recent notifications about your installed apps and system settings, including available updates, completed downloads, and more.


View and manage your network settings, and diagnose problems with your Internet connection using the "check your network status" tool. For more information, go to Check Your Network Status.

Display & Sounds

Set a screen saver, configure your display, check your TV specifications, and manage audio settings.

Screen Saver

Personalize your screen saver, using photos you have saved in Amazon Drive. For more information, go to About the Prime Photos App for Amazon Fire TV.


Configure your video resolution and calibrate your display.

On Amazon Fire TV (2nd and 3rd Generation) devices, you can use the Video Resolution option to make sure your TV meets HDCP 2.2 system requirements for streaming video in 4K Ultra HD. For more information, go to Watching Video in 4K Ultra HD on Fire TV.

You can use the Calibrate Display tool if part of your display is missing or cut off at the edges of your screen. When you open the tool, you'll see grey arrows pointing to the edges of your screen, which you can use as a guide to adjust your display.

Tip: On Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote, you can adjust your display by opening the Picture or Display menu for your connected TV. To learn more, go to Basic Troubleshooting for Amazon Fire TV.

View and manage audio output settings (including Dolby Digital Audio options) and personalize navigation sounds.

Enable Display Mirroring

Display mirroring gives you the option to temporarily display, or "mirror," your mobile device screen on your Amazon Fire TV. Turn this option on for your Amazon Fire TV to use display mirroring with your compatible, Miracast-enabled mobile devices. To learn more, go to Use Display Mirroring on Amazon Fire TV.

Note: Display mirroring is not available on Fire TV (3rd Generation).

Second Screen Notifications

Second Screen gives you the option to connect your Amazon Fire TV to your Fire tablet or Fire phone, so you can watch Amazon Video or view your photos across both device screens. To learn more, go to Use Second Screen on Fire TV .

HDMI CEC Device Control

The HDMI CEC Device Control gives your Amazon Fire TV the ability to power on your TV or AV receiver through your HDMI connection (for TVs and AV receivers that support HDMI CEC).

With the HDMI CEC Device Control turned ON, pressing the Home Home Button 
		  button on your Fire TV remote automatically switches your TV or AV receiver to your Fire TV input channel.

Tip: Turning the HDMI CEC Device Control on may also give you the option to control your Amazon Fire TV using your TV remote (depending on your TV model). If you need more information about features supported for your TV, the manufacturer will be in the best position to help. To learn more, go to Contacting Your TV Manufacturer .


Collect App Usage Data

Turn this option on or off to allow Appstore to collect information about the frequency and duration of your use of apps downloaded to your Amazon Fire TV.


Manage settings for the Amazon Appstore, including in-app purchasing, automatic app updates, and how to open external market links. For more information, go to Manage Your Apps & Games.


Control settings for the Prime Photos app. For more information, go to About the Prime Photos App for Amazon Fire TV.


Manage GameCircle nickname sharing, privacy settings, and Whispersync for Games. You can hide your gaming information by setting Share Your GameCircle Nickname to OFF.

Note: While your profile is hidden, you will not be able to send or receive friend requests, or view profiles for other users.

Manage Installed Apps

View and manage the apps installed to your device. You can change available settings for an app, clear app data (which can help resolve performance issues), or uninstall apps from your device. For more information, go to Manage Your Apps & Games.

Controllers & Bluetooth Devices

Manage the remotes, game controllers, and Bluetooth devices connected to your Amazon Fire TV. For more information, go to Remote & Game Controller Basics.

Tip: To learn more about pairing the Fire TV Remote App, go to Download & Pair the Fire TV Remote App.


Learn about the Alexa App, as well as tips for using Alexa on your Fire TV. To learn more, go to Alexa on Amazon Fire TV.


Manage device preferences like parental controls, data monitoring, location, time zone, and your system language.

Parental Controls

Create or reset your parental controls PIN, so you can restrict purchases from Amazon. You can also set viewing restrictions to block playback of movies and TV shows from Amazon Video and selected third-party providers, based on their ratings category.

Note: Viewing restrictions apply to content from Amazon and selected third-party content providers. However, parental controls settings for movies and TV shows you watch directly within a third-party app are determined by the provider. To learn more, go to Set Up Alexa Voice Remote Parental Controls.

Data Monitoring

The Data Monitoring tool provides detailed information about the Internet usage of your Amazon Fire TV, so you can keep track of your data consumption and most active apps. You can set data alerts, choose your preferred video quality (Good, Better, Best) for Amazon Video , and view monthly data usage for your apps.

Important: The Data Monitoring tool is designed to give information about data usage—it cannot restrict or control the amount of data your device uses. For more information, go to Data Monitoring on Amazon Fire TV.

Featured Content

Manage autoplay preferences for video and audio clips in the featured content section that displays above the Fire TV menu:

  • If you set Allow Video Autoplay to OFF, the featured content section will only show still images.
  • If you set Allow Audio Autoplay to OFF, video clips within the featured content section will play without audio.

Note: There isn't an option to remove or turn off the featured content section.


Enter your ZIP code to set the location for your device. Alexa uses your device location to provide information about local weather and nearby businesses. To learn more, go to Alexa on Amazon Fire TV .


Select the system language that will be used on all user screens and menus.


View device information and manage system settings.


See your device name and registered account, as well as your available storage space and current network connection. You can also use the Check for System Update option to see if there's a software update available for your Amazon Fire TV. For more information, go to Amazon Fire TV Device Software Updates.


Send your device into sleep mode.


Manually restart your device.

Reset to Factory Defaults

Factory reset your device to permanently remove all content and personal data.


Turn on and manage accessibility features available for Amazon Fire TV, including closed captions/subtitles, the VoiceView screen reader, screen magnifier, and high contrast text. To learn more, go to Accessibility Features for Amazon Fire TV.

Closed Captions

You can turn on subtitles to display the audio for movies and TV shows as text on-screen. You can also manage preferences for subtitles text from this menu:

  • ON/OFF – Turn captions/subtitles on or off.
  • Text – Customize text size, color, opacity, font, and edge style.
  • Text Background – Customize text background color and opacity.
  • Window Background – Customize window color and opacity.
  • Use Amazon Web Settings for Amazon Video Captions – When this is option is set to ON, Fire TV automatically defaults to the subtitles preferences saved in your Amazon Video Settings. Set this option to OFF to use the preferences you've selected directly on your device instead.


Manage options for VoiceView, the screen reader for Amazon Fire TV devices:

  • Reading Speed – Adjust the rate of speech speed for the VoiceView voice.
  • Speech Volume – Set a volume level for the VoiceView voice. Speech volume defaults to 40% of device volume.
  • Sounds Volume – Set the volume level for the feedback sounds that VoiceView uses. Sounds volume defaults to 40% of device volume.
  • Key Echo – Determine how text characters are echoed back to you while you enter them using the on-screen keyboard. By default, characters are echoed as they are typed to confirm entry. You can change this setting to None, Characters, Words, or both Characters and Words.
  • Punctuation Level – Control what punctuation marks are read aloud.

To learn more, go to About VoiceView for Amazon Fire TV.

High Contrast Text (Experimental Feature)

Turn high contrast text on or off. High contrast text is an experimental feature designed to make text easier to read. It changes most of the text on-screen to back or white, and adds a border of the opposite color.


Watch help videos, and get tips on how to use your Fire TV or solve common issues. You can also learn how to contact Amazon Customer Service or send feedback to the Fire TV team.

My Account

View and manage your device registration settings. You can also sync your latest Amazon purchases to your Amazon Fire TV.

Amazon Account

If your device is already registered to your Amazon account, you'll see a Deregister option you can use to remove it from your account. Once you deregister, you're prompted to Register again to connect your device to an Amazon account. For more information, go to Register or Deregister Your Amazon Fire TV.

Sync Amazon Content

Select this option to make sure your latest content purchases from Amazon are available on your Amazon Fire TV.

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