Use Smart Home Cameras with Alexa

Connect a compatible smart home camera to Alexa and use simple commands to access the live camera feed on compatible devices.

Depending on your camera model and settings, the length of time you can stream the feed may vary. The feed automatically times out if you've exceeded the streaming limit for your camera. You can reopen the feed at any time by asking Alexa to show your camera again.

To show your camera feed, activate Alexa and say:

  • “Show [camera name].”

On the Echo devices with a screen – Alexa opens the camera feed directly on your screen.

On Echo devices – Alexa opens the camera feed on the Fire TV paired to the Echo device you're currently using. For help pairing devices, go to Use Your Alexa Device to Control Your Fire TV.

On Fire TV Devices – Alexa opens the camera feed on your TV screen.

Tip: You can also press Back on your Fire TV remote to exit from the feed and return to the previous screen. The camera feed stops automatically whenever you use your voice to open a different Alexa feature.

On Fire tablets – Alexa opens the feed on your Fire tablet screen.

To hide your camera feed, say, “Hide [camera name],” or "Stop the [camera name] camera."

For more help, try our Smart Home forum.

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