Alexa for Business

If you've been invited to join Alexa for Business by your organization’s IT administrator, you can access specialized Alexa features on all of your registered devices.

To join Alexa for Business, you’ll need an invitation from your organization’s IT administrator.

You’ll typically receive this invitation by email. Just follow the provided instructions to complete enrollment, and link your Amazon account. During the linking process, make sure to enter information for the Amazon account your Alexa devices are registered to.

Tip: For issues with your invitation or enrollment, your administrator will be in the best position to help. Your Alexa for Business invitation will include an email address you can use to contact them directly.

Once you've completed enrollment, you'll get a confirmation email with additional information about getting started. You’ll then be able to access any features your business organization has configured for use with Alexa for Business.

Check out the sections below to learn more about available features:

Link Your Microsoft Exchange Calendar

If your organization’s Exchange server has been configured to work with Alexa for Business, you can link your Exchange calendar to Alexa. Once linked, you can use your voice to review calendar events, schedule meetings with your contacts, and more.

You can link calendars to Alexa from the Alexa app. Go to the menu and select Settings > Calendar. Then look for the Microsoft Exchange option, and follow the on-screen instructions.

To learn more, go to Connect Your Calendar to Alexa.

Conference Call Auto-Dialing

You can use your Alexa devices to join meetings and conference calls—just say:

“Join the meeting”

“Start the meeting”

Alexa automatically uses the default conferencing provider set up by your Alexa for Business administrator. If you’ve linked your work calendar and created a voice profile, Alexa asks if you’d like to join meetings scheduled on that calendar. Or, you can say the meeting ID to join.

Note: This feature is only available if it has been configured by your Alexa for Business administrator (if not, Alexa will respond with, “sorry, I can’t help you with that”). If you have questions about the availability of this feature, your Alexa for Business administrator will be in the best position to help—try contacting them directly.

Private Skills

If your organization has created skills specifically for enrolled Alexa for Business users, you’ll automatically be able to find and enable them from Your Skills in the Alexa app.

Just go to the menu, and select Skills. Then select Your Skills at the top of the screen.

Tip: To check whether a skill has been provided by your business organization, select it and look for the “Private Skill” label in the skill details.

Need Help with Alexa for Business?

Your organization’s IT administrator will typically be in the best position to help with Alexa for Business. This includes issues with your invitation, enrollment, and feature access.

If you need to check your enrollment status, or if you’ve joined Alexa for Business with more than one organization, you can use the following link to view your account details:

To remove an Alexa for Business account:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with the Amazon account you used to join Alexa for Business
  3. Select Remove next to the organization you’d like to remove
After you do this, you’ll no longer be able to access any Alexa for Business features for that organization. Your Exchange calendar will be unlinked from Alexa; you’ll no longer be able to auto-dial in to conference calls; and any private skills provided by that organization will be disabled.

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