Listen to Your Audiobooks

Alexa can play audiobooks and other premium audio programming and Kindle Unlimited.

Alexa also supports Whispersync for Voice, which keeps track of the current playback position in the audiobook. You can start listening to an audiobook on your Alexa device and pick up where you left off by reading (or listening to) the same title on another compatible Amazon device or app.

To do this... Say this...

Listen to an audiobook

“Read [title].”

“Read the book, [title].”

“Read the audiobook, [title]."

Pause the audiobook


Continue listening to your most recent audiobook

"Resume my book."

Go back or forward in the audiobook by 30 seconds

"Go back."

"Go forward."

Go to the next or previous chapter

"Next chapter."

"Previous chapter."

Go to a specific chapter

"Go to chapter [#]."

Restart a chapter


Set or cancel a sleep timer

"Set a sleep timer for [x] minutes / hours."

“Stop reading the book in [x] minutes/hours.”

"Cancel sleep timer."

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