Amazon Hub Eligibility

Items shipped to an Amazon Hub need to meet certain guidelines. The item’s weight, dimensions, seller, and Amazon Hub location type can all affect whether a particular item can be shipped to a specific Amazon Hub location.

Amazon Hub Locker Eligibility

Your items can be delivered to a Locker if they're sold or fulfilled by and meet the size and weight limits, and if the Locker you select will have room for your order when it arrives.

Locker is full: Some Lockers are very popular and may be full when your package arrives. These locations will appear grayed out on the map, which means that they are not currently accepting orders.

Item is ineligible: Your order will be eligible for Locker delivery, if your shipment:

  • Has a shipping weight less than 10 lbs
  • Has product dimensions smaller than 16 x 12 x 14 inches
  • Is sold or fulfilled by
  • Is valued at less than $5,000
  • Contain no hazardous materials
  • Is not a Subscribe & Save item
  • Does not contain items shipping from other countries
  • Does not contain items for Release-Date Delivery


  • There is no additional fee for using to a Locker.
  • Standard Shipping and FREE shipping may be unavailable at some Lockers.
  • Same-Day Delivery and One-Day Shipping are available in select areas only.

Amazon Hub Counter Eligibility

If you want an item delivered to an Amazon Hub Counter, during checkout you’ll be able to proceed with your order if all items are eligible for delivery to the pickup location. Otherwise, you’ll be asked to change the delivery address or remove specific items from your order.

For delivery to an Amazon Hub Counter:

  • Only items fulfilled by are eligible for delivery to a pickup location. This includes Marketplace items that are Fulfilled by Amazon (usually items from Amazon Merchants or Warehouse Deals). All other items sold by third-party Sellers are shipped directly from the Seller and aren't eligible for delivery to a pickup location.
  • Amazon Hub Counter locations are available in a variety of sizes. If the combined size, weight or dimensions of your package exceeds the size restrictions of your selected Counter location, you'll need to remove items or select a different delivery address to proceed with your order.
  • Items of very high value or those that require special handling need to be delivered to a home or business address.
  • Subscribe & Save orders need to be delivered to a home or business address.
  • All items in your order must be available for shipping within 24 hours. Although an item may be listed as "In Stock", we may not be able to ship that item right away. For items that can ship within 24 hours, the product detail page will show a message similar to "Want this item by tomorrow? Order in the next 30 minutes".

If you've checked each of these points and you still can't select delivery to a Counter location, then it's most likely that all available locations are full. You should select a different delivery address or try to complete your order again on a different day.

Release Day Delivery isn't available for orders that are being delivered to an Amazon Hub Locker or an Amazon Hub Counter.

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