About Customer Images

Amazon.com wants you to be able to express your opinions about what you like or dislike about a product that you have purchased or even demonstrate how you use that product. You can think about customer uploaded images as reviews in pictures.

You can share an image by clicking Write a customer review on a product page.

To add an image:

  1. Select a star rating for the product and begin writing your review.
  2. Click the Add a photo button and upload and preview your image. You can add more than one photo.
  3. Press Submit to save your rating, text review, and image(s).


  • To delete your uploaded images you must delete the entire review.
  • If you find an image linked to the wrong product or of poor quality, or you don't agree with the depiction or the caption, please cast an unhelpful vote against that image.
  • If you feel that an image is illegal, offensive, pornographic, an infringement of copyright, or otherwise violates Amazon's guidelines, please click Report Abuse to the right of the image and submit the report.

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