Improve Your Recommendations

You can improve your recommendations by providing feedback on purchased items. You can also stop certain purchases from influencing your recommendations (for example, if you purchased an item as a gift).

To control an item's influence on your recommendations:
  1. Go to Improve Your Recommendations or select the Why recommended? link below an item on Your
  2. You can then rate items to control the item's influence, or exclude items from influencing your Recommendations altogether:
    • To adjust how an item influences your recommendations, choose a rating of 1 to 5 stars, or choose to leave the item unrated. The ratings you submit are private and are never shared with other customers, nor do they affect the average customer review for the item. These ratings are used solely to provide you more accurate recommendations.
    • To exclude certain purchases from being considered in your Recommendations, Select Don't use for recommendations next to the purchased item or select This was a gift.

You can refine your recommendations by rating items or adjusting your collection ratings


  • If you're unsure why we're recommending a particular item, go to Your, then click Why Recommended? beneath the item. We'll tell you which of your previous ratings, likes or purchases influenced our suggestion so you can revise your ratings or exclude those purchases.
  • You can tell us about items you like, even if you didn't purchase it on Locate the item on, then write a review and add a rating. We'll use that rating to help provide you better recommendations.

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