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If you do not have the GTIN (UPC, IBSN, or EAN) for your product, please request it from the manufacturer. If you manufacture the product yourself, please visit the GS1 standards website for more information:

Sellers in the United States may instead go directly to one of these websites:

How to Identify UPCs, ISBNs, EANs, and GTIN-14s

You will find the UPC, ISBN or EAN on the packaging and/or back cover of your item. The GTIN-14 appears on the shipping container.

When entering a UPC, be sure to include the smaller numbers on the left and right sides of the bar code.

UPCs are found below the bar code:

You may include hyphens when entering these numbers into search boxes but don't include hyphens in the Book Loader or Inventory Loader "product-id" field. If a 10-digit or 13-digit ISBN ends with the letter X, be sure to include the letter.

ISBNs are located above the bar code:

When entering an EAN, don't include spaces or dashes between any of the 13 digits in the number.

EANs are found below the bar code:

When entering a GTIN-14, include the last 14 numbers in the string and don't include spaces between any of the 14 digits in the number.

GTIN-14s are found below the bar code:

How to Find ASINs

Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) are unique blocks of 10 letters and/or numbers that identify items. You can find the ASIN on the item's product information page at and in the URL for the page.

The quickest way to find your product's ASIN is to look in your browser's address bar. Copy the number that appears after the item name and "dp" in the address:

In the example above, the ASIN is also an ISBN-10.

Here's a sample URL for the detail page of a wireless electronics product with an Amazon "B00" ASIN sequence.


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