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About Amazon Music for iOS

The Amazon Music app for iOS is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running iOS 9.0 or higher.

About the Amazon Music App

You can install the Amazon Music app from the App Store--just search "Amazon Music" to find the app.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the app download, then sign in to connect the app to your Amazon account. When signing in, make sure to enter information for the account you use to purchase or upload music with Amazon.

Listen to Your Music

You can use the Amazon Music app to access music you've purchased from the Amazon Digital Music Store, and music already stored on your device from iTunes or other services.

You can also upload music from your personal collection on your computer to the cloud, using the Amazon Music app for PC & Mac. Music you upload is saved to My Music, which you can access through the Amazon Music app for iOS.

Tip: You can add playlists from your iTunes library by selecting Add playlists from device under Settings. If you update a playlist directly in iTunes, you'll need to re-add it to the Amazon Music app in order to see your changes.

Use the navigation menu at the bottom of the screen to find music to listen to:

My Music - Go here to find all of your purchased and saved music, organized by category (Playlists, Artists, Albums, Songs, and Genres).

Browse - Browse music by featured category, including titles available through Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited. Any music you purchased from Amazon on other devices is automatically available in My Music.

Recents - View music you've recently played, purchased, or downloaded.

Search - Enter a text search for a specific title, artist, or type of music.

Once you start playing a song, a "Now Playing" screen opens with a progress bar and playback options (Play/Pause, Skip, Go Back, Repeat, Shuffle, and more).

You can also tap the "down arrow" in the upper left corner of your screen to minimize "Now Playing" view and go back to navigating the app. You'll then see a mini player at the bottom of your screen, that you can use to quickly access playback controls:

  • Press Play/Pause to start or stop playback
  • Drag right to skip to the next song, or drag left to start the currently playing song over
  • Swipe up to switch back to the "Now Playing" screen

Amazon Digital Music file metadata may contain unique purchase identifiers. For more information, go to About Record Company Required Metadata.

Download Music

You can download titles from My Music to your device for offline playback:

  1. Select the music (song, album, playlist, etc.) you want to download.
  2. Open the More Options menu ("three vertical dots" icon) next to your selection.
  3. Tap the Download option.

You'll see a Downloaded "checkmark" icon next to music you've downloaded.

To access your recent downloads, select Recents from the Amazon Music menu and open your Recently Downloaded Songs list. You can also turn on Offline Music Mode under Settings, to only show music that has been downloaded to your device and that is available for offline playback.

Note: When your device is offline, you can access iTunes music or playlists already stored on your device, as well as the music you've downloaded to your device from Amazon Music.

Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music Unlimited is an on-demand music streaming service that offers access to tens of millions of songs through the Amazon Music app.

With an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription, you get access to all these songs, plus thousands of Playlists created by Amazon's music experts, and personalized streaming Stations. In addition, we now offer access to live audio streams of Bundesliga matches. For more information go to: About Bundesliga Live with Amazon Music.

Music is available on-demand and ad-free, with unlimited plays. New albums and songs are typically added to the Amazon Music Unlimited catalog on the day they're released in the Digital Music Store. You can also download titles from Amazon Music Unlimited to your iOS device for offline playback.

Prime Music

Prime Music provides ad-free access to more than a million songs and albums, curated Playlists, and personalized streaming Stations. In addition, we now offer access to live audio streams of Bundesliga matches. For more information go to: About Bundesliga Live with Amazon Music.

Prime Music is included with:

  • Annual Prime memberships
  • Annual Prime Student memberships
  • 30-day Amazon Prime free trials

If you're an eligible Prime member, the Browse menu in the Amazon Music app features categories designed to help you discover music included with Prime—e.g. recommendations, newly added music, and popular titles. You can also add Prime titles to My Music and your playlists, and download them to your iOS device for offline playback.

Your Amazon Music Settings

To access your Amazon Music Settings directly within the Amazon Music app:

  1. Open the Amazon Music Options menu ("three vertical dots" icon), located at the top right corner of the screen
  2. Tap the Settings option

You can set download and streaming preferences, manage the amount of mobile data the Amazon Music app uses on your device, refresh My Music, Sign Out from the app (so you can sign in with a different account), and more.

Alexa Voice Controls

You can ask Alexa to find music and control playback, control outside paired devices like a wireless thermostat, and much more.

To enable simply download the latest build of Amazon Music, then tap the Alexa button on the bottom right. Follow the prompts to enable microphone access.

Tap the Alexa button on the bottom right of your screen to start and stop Alexa.

You can say things like "Play some music” or "Play the song, [song name]" or “Play some [genre name] music.” For more information on Alexa commands, go to Listen to Your Music.

Tapping the Alexa button will pause your music playback while you talk to Alexa. If you ask Alexa to play music, the original playback is replaced by the Alexa requested music.

Note: Alexa in the Amazon Music App is only available for use with music in the Amazon Music library, and is not able to stream outside music services.

Alexa can answer a variety of questions about people, geography, dates, music, sports, and more. Alexa can also spell, define words, complete conversions, and make simple calculations.

You can ask Alexa questions like "Who is [name]?" "When is [holiday]?" or "What is the definition of [word]?" and much more.

For a list of the types of questions you can ask Alexa, visit Ask Alexa.

Alexa can give you updates on the news and weather. To check your weather, you'll need to add your location to the Alexa Companion app, or specify the city you are asking about.

You can say things like "What's new?" or "What's the weather in San Francisco?"