Amazon Alexa App Basics

Learn how to use the Alexa app on your mobile device or computer.

Home Screen

The Home screen shows your Alexa interactions and feature activity. You can use the icons at the bottom of the screen to switch between the following views:

  • Home - Scroll through the "cards" to see descriptions of your recent Alexa interactions.
  • Communication - Access and manage your Alexa Calling and Messaging conversations.
  • Alexa - Talk to Alexa and use supported Alexa features directly through the app.
  • Music & Books - View and control playback for music and media.
  • Devices - View, add, or remove your Alexa and Alexa-enabled devices.


Select the menu "" icon to manage Alexa features and settings.

  • Music & Books - Browse media and services you can use with your devices.
  • Lists - View and manage your Shopping and To-do lists.
  • Reminders & Alarms - View and manage timers and alarms.
  • Routines - Set up a series of actions to complete from a single voice command.
  • Skills & Games - Find and enable skills and games, which add various voice-driven capabilities to your Alexa device.
  • Things to Try - View a list of example phrases you can say.
  • Help & Feedback - Get help for your Alexa device, contact customer service, or submit feedback about your experience.

Note: The Alexa app menu options on your computer's web browser may vary from the options in the Alexa app on your mobile device.

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