Listen to Your Music

When you want to listen to music on your device, just ask Alexa.

Note: Some Alexa features and services may vary by country.

If a song, album, artist, genre, or playlist is not in My Music, Alexa searches the Amazon Music catalog or samples from the Digital Music Store when available.

Basic Music Commands

You can use basic commands such as:

  • "Shuffle" or "Stop shuffle."
  • "Stop" or "Pause."
  • "Play" or "Resume."

Advanced Music Commands

Some advanced music commands for Alexa are:

  • "Play some music."
  • "Play what's hot in Brazil."
  • "Play songs similar to the Sixties."

Music Services

Alexa supports a growing number of free and subscription-based streaming services on Amazon devices. To see which services are available, go to the Music section in the Alexa app.

Alexa responds to voice commands such as:

  • "Play [song / album / artist]."
  • "Play [emotion] music."
  • "Play [station name.]."
  • "Play [playlist name]."
  • "Play a Prime Playlist."
  • "Play [song] from Prime Music."
  • "Show me [songs / playlists / genres] from Prime Music."
  • "Who's the lead singer for this [band]?"
  • "Block explicit songs." / "Stop blocking explicit songs."
  • "Add [song / album / artist] to [playlist name]."
  • "Create a playlist."

Note: To control the explicit filter from the Alexa app, you can open the menu, select Settings > Music > Explicit Filter to toggle the filter.


Spotify Premium on Alexa supports Spotify Connect, which allows you to play music on your Alexa device and use the Spotify app on your phone or tablet as a remote. Alexa on Fire TV devices does not support Spotify Connect.

With Alexa and your Spotify Connect subscription, you can say:

  • "Play music composed by [composer] from Spotify."
  • "Spotify Connect. / Connect to Spotify." (enables Spotify Connect)
  • "Play [genre] from Spotify."

Other services may require you to link an existing account or subscription to your Amazon account in the Alexa app. To learn more, go to Link a Third-Party Music Service to Alexa.

Note: Some music services are not available on other Alexa-enabled products (manufactured by other companies). Check with the product manufacturer for more information.

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