Order and Return Restrictions

Order restrictions applied to purchases on behalf of my business

Digital-related products, subscriptions, and services such as Amazon Web Services and Amazon Fresh are separate orders, and require users to enter a payment method. Therefore, these orders are not subject to approvals and will not appear in business order history.

  • Digitally downloadable: eBooks, movies, videos, music, software, games, and audio books
  • Digital gift cards
  • Wireless devices and services
  • Subscriptions, including Subscribe & Save
  • 1-Click ordering
  • Other Amazon services not found on Amazon.com, such as Amazon Web Services, Amazon Fresh, and subsidiaries

Product Returns

Product returns are limited to refunds only, and can only be initiated by the Punchout user or administrator.

Digital-related purchases and business accounts

Digital content includes Kindle eBooks, music, video, software/games, and audiobooks. Digital content has certain rights and sharing restrictions. For example, some content is tied to the requisitioner's business account and cannot be shared or transferred to others in your business, even if the requisitioner leaves the organization or converts his or her account to a personal account. Please see the Amazon Business Terms and Conditions and the applicable terms of use for additional information.

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