Supported RAW File Types

How to use RAW photo files in connection with Amazon Photos or Amazon Drive.

The following RAW photo files from the following camera models are recognized by Amazon Drive and Amazon Photos as a photo file; however, file preview is not possible at this time. This is not a definitive list:

  • Nikon (NEF files) - Nikon D1, Nikon D1X, Nikon D4, Nikon Coolpix A, Nikon E5700, Nikon AW1, Nikon D800, Nikon D50, Nikon D610

  • Canon (CR2 Files**) - Canon 5D, Canon 1D, Canon 1D MarkIIN, Canon Rebel SL1, Canon 60D, Canon 5D MarkIII, Canon 1D MarkIV
  • You can store the following photo format types with Amazon Drive and Amazon Photos but we do not currently support previews for ARW (Sony), CRW (Canon RAW CIFF image), or ORF (Olympus) files. To view this type of photo, download it from your account and open it using the appropriate program.
    Tip: If your RAW photo file isn't recognized as a photo, try converting the file to a DNG (Adobe Digital Negative).

    **While Amazon Drive recognizes these files as photos, some of the information associated with the file (like the time and date the photo was taken) may not be recognized.

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