What are Prime Video Channel Subscriptions?

Amazon Prime and Prime Video members can purchase third-party channel subscriptions (like Showtime, Starz) and other streaming entertainment channels directly through Prime Video.

Channel subscriptions from Prime Video are paid monthly subscriptions to third-party premium networks and other streaming entertainment channels. Eligible Prime members have the option to purchase these subscriptions directly through Prime Video.

All of the movies and TV programming included with the subscription are then available to watch on demand, on all compatible Prime Video devices.

Tip: Prime Video is available on hundreds of devices—including TVs, Blu-ray players, Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire tablets, computers, and Android and iOS mobile devices. To learn more about ways to watch, go to Get Prime Video.


To start Channel subscriptions through Prime Video, you need an eligible Prime membership. You're eligible if you have any one of the following membership types:

  • Amazon Prime membership
  • 30-day Amazon Prime free trial
  • Annual Prime Student membership
  • Prime Student free trial
  • Amazon Prime Free Preview
  • Amazon Prime Fresh
  • 30-day Amazon Prime Fresh free trial
  • Amazon Household shared Prime benefits
Access to Channel subscriptions is not included if you were previously invited to share shipping benefits with a Prime member. To learn more about Prime memberships, go to Amazon Prime.


  • Channel subscriptions can't be shared across Amazon accounts or Amazon Household profiles. For more information, go to How to Manage Your Prime Video Channel Subscriptions.
  • Channel subscriptions may be subject to sales tax in some states.
  • Channel subscriptions don't have any setup or cancellation fees, nor do they have a minimum duration—as long as you're an eligible Prime member, you can start and cancel them at any time.
  • Premium channel subscriptions you have with your cable or satellite provider, and standalone subscriptions you've purchased directly from the subscription provider are separate services, and cannot be used with Prime Video. For more information, go to Accessing Subscriptions from Other Providers & Apps.

Find Channels

When browsing Prime Video, look for the Channel categories and filters.

If you select a specific movie or TV show, the video details also include available Channel offers alongside other purchase and viewing options.

Subscribe & Watch

When you've found a Channel you're interested in, select the Subscribe and Watch, Get Started, or Start Free Trial option.

Most Channels start with a free trial; the regular subscription period begins automatically as soon as the trial is over.

Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm your subscription details and complete signup.

Note: Some Prime Video devices don't currently support subscription signup, and prompt you to get started on the Amazon website instead. You're also prompted to sign up on the website if you receive shared Prime benefits through an Amazon Household. To find and start Channel subscriptions from the Amazon website, go to: Prime Video Channels Subscriptions

After you've started a Channel subscription, you can watch the movies and TV programming included with it on all your compatible Prime Video devices. Just open Prime Video, and look for Your Subscriptions.

Most third-party channels also feature live streaming, which gives you the option to watch programming on supported devices the same time as the TV broadcast.

Channels subscriptions charge to your Prime membership payment method each month on the renewal date by default. You can view or change your Channel settings from the Manage Your Prime Video Channels page in Your Account. To learn more, go to How to Manage Your Prime Video Channel Subscriptions.

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