Alexa on Amazon Fire TV

If you have a Fire TV remote with a Voice Voice Button 
	 button, you can use your voice to interact with Alexa. If you have a compatible Alexa-enabled device, you can use your device to control certain features on your Amazon Fire TV without a remote.

Alexa can perform specific actions and help you discover all the content available to watch or listen to on your Fire TV device.

Note: For, Fire TV Alexa voice features are only enabled for customers in the U.S. Other Alexa features and services vary by country.

Using Your Alexa Voice Remote

Press and hold the Voice Voice Button 
		  button on your Alexa Voice Remote or the Fire TV Remote App, and say what you want Alexa to do. You can ask for information, search for movies and TV shows, play music, get news and weather, launch apps, and more.

Alexa answers back directly through your Fire TV. Many features open in a separate display on your TV screen.

When an Alexa display is open on your TV screen, press the Back Back Button 
		  or Home Home Button 
		  buttons on your Fire TV remote to return to the previous screen.

Control Amazon Fire TV with a Compatible Alexa-Enabled Device

When you link a compatible Alexa-enabled device to your Fire TV device in the Alexa app, you can use your voice control certain features on your Fire TV without a remote. For more information, go to Use Your Alexa Device to Control Your Fire TV.

Alexa Features

For more information about available Alexa features, go to Alexa Features on Amazon Fire TV.

Manage Alexa Features

You can set and manage settings for most Alexa features using our free Alexa App. For more information, including installation instructions, go to Download the Amazon Alexa App.

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