Accessing Web Content on Amazon Fire TV

You can use browse the web on Amazon Fire TV devices.

To use a web browser, download the respective browser app from the Appstore on your Amazon Fire TV.

Use your Alexa Voice Remote to search for the browser you want, or search for and go to the app’s detail page to download the web browser.

You can say things like:

"Alexa, open Silk browser."

Note: You cannot download images or other content from these web browsers.

You can use your remote to play, pause, fast forward, and rewind while you’re watching videos on supported websites.

Silk Browser appears when you open the Silk browser for the first time. If you close the Silk browser, the last website you were viewing will automatically appear the next time you open the browser.

Use your Fire TV remote to move the cursor and make selections onscreen. If you prefer, you can also pair a Bluetooth mouse with compatible Amazon Fire TV devices. Go to Compatible Bluetooth Accessories for Fire TV.

While playing video and music on the web, you may be able to use the Play/Pause, Fast Forward, and Rewind buttons on your remote.

Note: You cannot download images or other content from the Silk browser.


The preset homepage has some popular sites pinned for quicker access, to start browsing right away.

You can use the refresh, back, and forward buttons just like you would when you’re browsing on your PC or mobile device.

There are multiple other functions usable within the Firefox web browser, such as:

  • Controlling web videos, and music with the Fire TV remote’s Play/Pause, Fast Forward, and Rewind buttons. (On select websites)
  • Mouse navigation of all visited websites.
  • Use the Alexa Voice Remote and talk to text feature to search the web and navigate to specific websites.

Note: At this time bookmarking specific pages, and saving passwords for fields, are not available functions within Firefox for Amazon Fire TV devices.

For troubleshooting Firefox on Amazon Fire TV devices, please visit Mozilla’s Help website:

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