Make Alexa Calls with Your Voice

Make calls with your compatible Alexa devices using simple phrases.

Video: How to Make Alexa Calls

  • "Call [Name's] Echo."
  • "Call [Name's] mobile."
  • "Call [Name] on his home phone."
  • "Call [Name] at work."
  • "Call [Name's] office."
  • "Call [Mom/Dad/Grandma]."
  • "Call [number]."
  • "Call my phone."
  • "Call [device group name]."
  • "Call [group name] group."

Note: Alexa Calling does not support calls to the following types of numbers:

  • Emergency service numbers (for example "911")
  • Premium-rate numbers (for example "1-900" numbers, or toll numbers)
  • Three-digit numbers / abbreviated dial codes (for example "211")
  • International numbers (numbers outside of the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Mexico)
  • Dial-by-letter numbers (for example "1-800-FLOWERS")

Note: These devices use cellular calling as default, not Alexa-to-Alexa calling:

  • Echo Auto
  • Echo Buds
  • Echo Frames
  • Echo Loop

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