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Amazon Games Content Usage Policy


If you're reading this, you're hopefully interested in creating great content based on our games. Or maybe you're just curious about our stance on the matter, which is great too.

We believe players are the driving force behind games, and we're great fans of all the amazing stuff fan communities create every day. So here is our basic philosophy, in human terms: you can use our game content in (reasonably) tasteful projects that are provided free of charge to the game community. We have some rules in our Terms of Use (see section 4.2) and on this page, but that's the gist.

So, without further ado, the guidelines.

Keep it in the Community: your project should benefit and reinforce the game's community. We will not claim you endorse us or our game without your consent.

Non-Commercial Use: while the general rule is you may use our game content for non-commercial projects only, we're okay if you are monetizing your projects via ads, sponsorships, or subscriptions on Twitch or similar sites. It's not okay if your project will generate any other type of revenue. If you're a corporation or other non-human, you need to talk to us first.

No Games or Mods: sorry, but it's not okay to make your own game using our game content or to create mods. If things change for a particular game, we'll let you know.

Logos & Project Endorsement: it's okay to use our game logos (but not an Amazon or Twitch logo) to identify your project as associated with the game, but don't distort them or use them in a way that implies we endorse your project (e.g., don't use them in an opening sequence to a video project, or prominently feature them alone on a website). And don't flat-out claim we endorse you either. (It's, of course, okay to wear, for example, an officially licensed t-shirt with the game's logo in your broadcast on Twitch or similar sites.)

Respect Other People's Intellectual Property: make sure you have permission to use music, assets, and any other content in your projects.

Keep Your Projects Tasteful: projects that are abusive, obscene, or otherwise objectionable in our judgment are not okay.

Streaming Gameplay: we strive to build our games to be as fun to watch as they are to play. When you stream:

  • Do not sell or license your video for a fee or compensation of any kind, or charge viewers to access your videos (except for permitted ads, sponsorships, and subscriptions via features offered by Twitch or similar sites like we mentioned before).
    • Third-party sponsorships are okay, but don't imply a connection between us and your sponsors.
    • Donations are also okay, as long as they are really donations, as in they are totally optional and not a requirement to access your video.
  • Give us credit - don't claim that you created the game, the game world, characters in it, etc.
  • Don't post any leaked or unreleased footage. (From time to time we will work with individuals to showcase a game build or feature before it is released or we may hold a pre-release event. If we've given you permission, it's okay to stream/create videos based on that early access material.)

We Get a License: we and the rest of the game community can use, amplify and enjoy your project to the extent it's based on our game IP, and we can credit you in return.

Although we're excited about all the interesting things you may want to make with our game content, we reserve the right to revoke your limited license to use our game content at any time without having to give any specific explanations. Often it's going to be because we think the game content is being used in ways we find inappropriate, or damaging for the player experience. If we revoke this limited license, you'll have to stop using or distributing our game content in your project.


Q: What's okay for me to create under these guidelines?


  • Streams of your gameplay on Twitch or similar sites
  • Guides, tutorials, educational videos, player resources
  • Your own player-run in-game events like training nights, not for commercial profit tournaments (no entry fees), roleplaying events, battles and duels, etc.
  • Free fan websites or fan apps
  • Personal avatars using game images
  • Cosplay costumes for your own use
  • Free novels, comics, machinima or other adaptations based on one of our games

Q: What's not okay?


  • Games or mods using or based on our game content
  • Paid content or commercial products
  • Paid websites/apps
  • Paid physical products (e.g., t-shirts, toys, costumes, etc.) based on one of our games
  • Cheats, hacks, or bots, or offering any of these as a service
  • Broadcasting your tournament on TV, charging fees for spectators to watch your tournament, or offering prize pools or appearance fees over $10,000 USD in value (or its equivalent in local currency)

These are the general guidelines. They do not cover everything and may change over time, but they provide the spirit of what we expect from the community. If you have a cool idea for a project, tell us about it on forums or social media. We're looking forward to seeing what you'll be making next.

Game on,

The Amazon Games Team