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AT&T Next

AT&T Next is a device financing program that allows for early upgrades with device trade in. You can choose between Next 12, Next 18, and Next 24 and get a new smartphone every 12, 18 or 24 months. You can also save $15 - $25/month per phone on your line access fee when you choose AT&T Next with an AT&T Mobile Share Value plan. No upgrade, activation or financing fees apply to devices purchased with AT&T Next.

AT&T Next vs 2-Year Contract

Based on Amazon Fire Phone, 32GB

2- Year Contract AT&T Next 12 AT&T Next 18 AT&T Next 24
Cost of Phone Due Today




+tax on $449.00 full price


+tax on $449.00 full price


+tax on $449.00 full price

Monthly Installments $0.00


for 20 months


for 24 months


for 30 months

Monthly Line Access Fee with a Mobile Share Value Plan $40.00 $25 with AT&T Next rebate $25 with AT&T Next rebate

$25 with AT&T Next rebate

Upgrade Eligibility 24 months

12 months

with device trade in

18 months

with device trade in

24 months

with device trade in

*Requires 20-month, 24-month, or 30-month 0% APR installment agreement & qualifying credit. Sales tax due at sale. Qualified wireless service plan (voice & data) required. If you cancel wireless service, remaining device balance is due. Qualifying smartphones only; excludes tablets. Limit 4 financed devices (including devices financed via AT&T Next or other installment agreement) per wireless account. Upgrade: Upgrade requires minimum of 12 monthly installment payments on 20-month agreement,18 on a 24-month agreement, or 24 on a 30-month agreement & account in good standing plus trade-in of current financed device in good & functional condition & purchase of new qualified device/wireless service plan. After upgrade, remaining unbilled installment payments are waived. To return your AT&T Next device, please initiate your return request online or by calling Customer Service. Please note: the device must be received no later than 14 days after the original ship date. To ensure you meet the 14 day return window, we recommend shipping back the device no later than 10 days after the original ship date. No exchange is allowed for AT&T Next devices. All terms subject to change. All marks used herein are the property of their respective owners.