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Amazon Launchpad is a unique program that showcases innovative products from startups like yours to millions of Amazon customers.

Hear From Our Startups

How we accelerate your success

We make it easy for startups to launch new products and get them discovered on Amazon. We use Amazon’s powerful marketing tools to tell your story and our world-class retail expertise and global infrastructure to sell and deliver your product. Our team is vested in your success, so you can continue to innovate, grow your business and earn customer trust globally.

Launch Faster

With Amazon Launchpad your launch can happen in weeks rather than months. Take advantage of Amazon’s fulfillment network and marketing chops to get to market faster, with a bigger impact.

Get Noticed

No matter the size of your company, we’ll boost your content with the same Amazon tools that power the big players, including placements across and our program storefront. And the best part? You don’t have to build a marketing plan on your own. We’ve got this.

Build Your Brand

Our purpose-built product detail pages help you tell your unique brand story to Amazon customers everywhere. “About the Startup” Q&A helps you connect with customers on a personal level.

Earn customer trust, globally

Your customers get Amazon’s world-class fulfillment, trusted customer service and Prime’s fast & free shipping benefits. When you’re ready to go global, we leverage Amazon’s marketplaces around the world to help you grow.

Find resources with Services Hub

Get services you need at any stage in your product's life cycle. Services Hub can help you find companies that provide services ranging from prototyping to manufacturing to marketing, all eager to work with startups. Explore the Services Hub

Our Global Network

We’re proud to work with a growing list of venture capitalists, accelerators, incubators and crowdfunding platforms to help us identify new, inspired, and cutting-edge products for the world to discover.

Our Global Network

We’re proud to work with a growing list of venture capitalists, accelerators, incubators and crowdfunding platforms to help us identify new, inspired, and cutting-edge products for the world to discover.

Launch on Amazon in three easy steps

If you’ve received product development funding through one of the companies in our network, you can get started with Amazon Launchpad in no time.

Step One

Register as an Amazon Launchpad vendor through Vendor Express*, our online platform for managing your Amazon vendor account, and upload the required product information to our systems.

Step Two

Confirm an initial order and ship your products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

Step Three

Finally, we’ll ask you to upload creative assets to our systems…product photos, videos, descriptions and your unique story.

That’s it! With all the right parts and pieces in place, we can start working together to get your product noticed.
Get ready to watch your business grow.

* Click here to learn more about how Amazon Vendor Express works and here to understand restrictions around what can and cannot be sold through Amazon Vendor Express.

Still Have Questions?

Why is Amazon launching this program?

We often hear from startups that bringing a new product to customers can be just as challenging as building it. At Amazon Launchpad, we’re working with crowdfunding platforms, venture capitalists and startup accelerators to solve the sales and distribution problems every startup faces. We support these young companies with Amazon’s retail expertise so they can stay focused on product innovation, and by working with them closely, we’re able to bring their exciting new products to our customers.

How are Amazon Launchpad startups treated differently than other Amazon vendors?

We appreciate that startups have different needs than more established companies. Amazon Launchpad has been designed to meet these needs while giving you the marketing benefits typically reserved for our more established Amazon vendors, right from day one. We’ll help you establish a direct retail relationship with Amazon, enroll your products in the Amazon Vine program to get them reviewed, and merchandise them across and on our program storefront to make sure they are discoverable for Amazon customers. You’ll also be able to tell your story to customers using larger images, videos and custom product detail pages. All this, of course, is on top of the standard Amazon benefits - access to millions of loyal and engaged Amazon Prime members, Amazon’s world-class fulfillment infrastructure, trusted customer service and fast and free shipping benefits.

Which startups are eligible to participate in the Amazon Launchpad program?

We welcome all startups to apply. We are initially working with startups funded by crowdfunding platforms, venture capital firms and other startup accelerators. If your startup is supported by a company that is currently outside of our network, we’ll evaluate your application on a case-by-case basis. To maintain the best customer experience, we request that your products be ready to ship now.

Can existing vendors or sellers participate?

Yes, existing vendors or sellers can apply to participate in the Amazon Launchpad program. Contact your vendor manager or account executive to enroll your products into our program.

My product was funded by a funding source you support (crowdfunding platform, venture capitalist, startup accelerator or incubator) but they are not in your network. Can I still participate?

You may still be eligible to participate. Complete our program application form and we will get back to you within 10 business days.

How much does it cost to participate?

There is no fee to join the Amazon Launchpad program. You enroll in the program as an Amazon vendor, which means you sell your product to Amazon on wholesale terms and Amazon sells the product to consumers at the retail price. The value of the program to you is reflected in the net wholesale price Amazon pays you for your product.

How can Amazon Launchpad help me introduce my products in non-U.S. marketplaces?

If your product is eligible for export, we can make it available to Amazon customers in more than 80 countries right from When you are ready to establish international distribution, we can help you launch your product in more than 10 Amazon marketplaces around the world. As in the U.S., you’ll be supported with custom marketing assets in the local language for the best possible results.

What is Amazon Vendor Express and how do I learn more about it?

Vendor Express is our self-service online platform for managing your Amazon vendor account. It allows you to sell your products to Amazon so we can take care of the rest – from shipping and promoting to customer service and returns. Click here to learn more about how Amazon Vendor Express works and here to understand restrictions around what can and cannot be sold through Amazon Vendor Express. If you have any questions during the Vendor Express registration and launch process, refer to the 'Help' section or use the 'Email Us' link provided within the tool.