Customer Reviews: Visual C# 2010 How to Program (4th Edition)
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on March 30, 2011
I've been a fan of Deitel books for a while, especially since I teach students Comp. Science using these books. But something has gone awry at Deitel & Deitel. Perhaps that's what happens when you get too big and try to cover too many computer topics at a time. I've since getting this book, recommend Murach's computer book series which are always complete and don't skimp on paper and chapters. Here's what I mean exactly!

Looking at Deitel's VC# 2005, the book had a lot more chapters in it, not to mention colored text which was absolutely great for students, new to programming, to be able to tell various elements apart by color while they were learning and memorizing the keywords. Not to mention this has been a hallmark of Deitel & Deitel for all these years. But that's a small complaint. My main surprise came when I discovered that for example Chapter 14 - Multithreading, a VERY important topic in Visual application design, was simply missing, gone, left out. I don't see how you can teach Visual C# without an introduction of this very important topic. I mean unless you're doing basic text editing or the most trivial of applications, you won't need multithreading, but anything else requires it. It's especially unforgivable since Microsoft has introduced BackgroundWorker component which makes multithreading very easy for beginners. Deitel should've at least included a description of that.

But that wasn't the end of the "changes". I found that now, a whole EIGHT chapters 24-31 have been "digitized" (gone from the book) along with FOUR appendices to Deitel's super heavily protected, password requiring, website upon which you are allowed to download those chapters, but only after entering a PC-video game like code which was 26 characters long!! And after you enter that code, the insert warns you that you can only use that code ONCE, so if you buy a used book, you're outta luck or you have to purchase a subscription at pearsonhighered website. This is UNBELIEVABLE!!! For the price of this book, there is NO excuse to have skimped on the basic necessities of what makes up a programming reference textbook. Especially since almost 35% of the text is digitized in PDF format.

If I wanted a digital version and knew about all the missing chapters, I'd get the Kindle version (which is of course unavailable). But a textbook should not refer people to download dozens of chapters just because the publisher is trying to save every penny they can on the production cost and rip you off with a subscription at a later time.

This is the worst thing I've seen in any programming book!!

The text itself is OK, if you consider that most chapters from Deitel's C# 2010 book uses the same examples and even wording that Deitel's C How To Program book used (circa 10-15 years ago). Copy, Paste, Edit a bit, Slap on new label and charge $124 MSRP.
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on February 9, 2011
OK, the elephant in the room is the price tag here. This book is good, but it's not $100 good. It's also only $100 because book companies love to rip off students who have no real alternatives. If you're not a student, you should look at C# for Programmers by the Deitels - it's the same book, but without the question and review material at the end of each chapter, and for about 30% of the price.

If you love color Deitel books, this one isn't. The binding and paper are cheap. I don't care (after all, it covers a version of C# that will likely be outdated in 2-3 years) but it apparently bothered some other reviewers.

If this book had been $40, I'd have given it an enthusiastic 4-stars. It starts slow, but progresses well. The examples are good, the explanations are thorough, and I particularly liked that newer features were well integrated with the book, rather than being relegated to an appendix or afterthought chapter. I'd recommend C# for Programmers in place of this (unless you're a student and need those 5 pages of problems at the end of each chapter).
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on January 3, 2011
This book is a real wast of time & money, & it's such a disappointment when you listen about this Deitel Series [How To Program] during your whole programing lifetime, & when you buy this book with too much price, but you get it with poor printing quality, the "Live-Code" style they claim they provide in the preface of the book is a white & black only (& to be more precise: it could include some gray colors, but not real colors as usual Deitel series)

Besides, I tried couple of examples, on Visual C# 2010 express edition, & non of them work, this book uses the old style of coding where the whole classes & complete project is just one text document, whereas the title says 2010 which should gives the full use of Visual IDE, where the programmer adds classes as items, each class in new document, & all of them under one namespace, the book writes class instead of the namespace, the main function is included within the class, which is too confusing & too old style, & when you contact them on the provided email, they don't reply on you, , I took the book with this too much price with high expectations, but unfortunately, in my humble opinion, it's not 2010 at all


now I don't know whether I return it to amazon, or just resell it soon
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on December 18, 2012
The first two chapters of this book are great... the rest is hard to follow. The programming exercises leave too much to the imagination. I found most of what I needed from Google rather than the book.
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on July 26, 2013
The content is just OK. I've had much better programming books. It seems to go into way too much detail in the easy stuff (If you've every programmed in C/C++, the first half is review), and not nearly enough detail in the complicated parts (the "Visual" parts).

Also, the quality of the actual book stinks. Right now, i have 2 halves of a book. The first half fell right out of the binding, and it looks like I will have more pieces soon. I didn't do anything except read it. I still have 25 year old books from college that I still reference that have held together. I did get the paperback, but that is still no reason for the book to fall apart from light use.
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on May 12, 2013
If you are looking to start programming, then I wouldn't suggest this book. The first two or three chapters cram in an entire class' worth of basic programming information and it is clear that this book is not trying to ease you into programming slowly, but rather do a quick review and get you into C#.

Unfortunately, after the first three chapters, the content becomes vague and poorly executed. Definitions for concepts are very poorly explained, if at all. Oftentimes you will find a bold faced word (which you would assume is important) that is completely glossed over and not even defined in proper context.

Some examples say to reference code they have written that is 4 or even 6 pages prior, so you can't just look at it. You have to flip all the way back and it really disrupts your reading flipping back and forth between where you are and what you need to look at. The code isn't always explained very well and they often make the code unnecessarily complicated when there are much easier and just as efficient ways of doing things.

I should note that my experience before C# was mostly in Python and Visual Basic. So I was not a total beginner and I had a strong foundation on core concepts which is probably what helped me pass my class. The book certainly did not.
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on August 18, 2013
This book was to have included a CD and an unopened access code. The CD was to have been Visual Studio Express 2010, it wasn't. Some oh so clever book seller had managed to insert a 2008 disk and seal it so it appeared to be intact. Whose responsible? no telling, but i can tell you who is suffering right now! I am supposed to be ready to go with this program installed by tomorrow morning and it's not going to be happening. And on top of it, the reseller's email doesn't work! Ok, so that's my review.
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on February 19, 2013
This is probably one of the most disjointed and confusing textbooks I have ever had the displeasure of using. You really need to have a backup text just to understand the material, better yet, avoid this text altogether. Concepts are left half explained, terminology / definitions are nearly impossible to access, and the analogies used do more to add to the confusion then to actually clarify the material. It actually hurts to read this book, lol.
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on April 27, 2011
I really enjoyed reading and learning from this book. I would highly recommend it to anyone wants or needs to learn how to program in C# with Visual Studio 2010. In my case, I wanted to learn to program in C# as a hobby. In retrospect, I'm glad I chose this textbook as my primary resource because I learned a great deal from it.

The material is presented clearly with plenty of code examples to illustrate the programming concepts and C# syntax. The writing, while somewhat dry at times, is very precise and unambiguous. The code examples work. The authors clearly understand the material very well. But, what I really love about this book is the end of chapter exercises. The exercises are excellent. I did them and found that doing so vastly increased my grasp of the material. To me, the exercises alone are worth the price of this book.

Another reviewer criticized the text for presenting the "old style" of programming. This reviewer is mistaken and uninformed. The code examples are modern and quite good.

I have only a couple of criticisms with this text. First, some of the later chapters and appendices are relegated to a PDF document that you must download after you buy the book. I would much rather have had the option to pay more money to have all of the chapters included in the printed text and none of them in PDF format. Unfortunately, there is no such option. My only other complaint is that the book is not yet available in Kindle format.
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on November 2, 2013
This book likes to remind me I don't know what the hell I'm doing. The book is dry and sometimes the reference is one or two pages back ( kind of annoying). Rent, don't buy!
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