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on September 26, 2014
The first two words that come to mind are "fascinating" and "challenging," in that order. You'll feel like a cognitive neuroscientist by the time you're done. I don't think my amygdala and prefrontal cortex will ever be the same, not to mention my hippocampus. Sometimes I think I'm having a "spliit-brain" (chapter 16) experience, and my corpus callosum (the largest cerebral commissure) hasn't even been severed! Get ready to be "wowed" by a part of the brain thought to 'generate the neural representation of thought' (p. 430), and brush up on your biochemistry. I virtually knew little or nothing about these and other subjects of the book, but was drawn in by the stunning study of the brain. Bottom line, the whole experience of reading and studying this book is worth every neuron spent on doing so. It's a wild ride!
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on February 17, 2018
Really enjoyed this book. Used it for Physiology of Psychology class. It covered topics that I had hit in both Intro to Psych, Health Psych, or Biology classes, and was always slightly shaky, but now I actually understood it well for the first time.

I overheard one girl in my class telling the professor that it was such a tough book to understand, but that wasn't the case for me at all. Possibly because I had more of a bio background. But it seriously made difficult things like Action Potentials so much clearer. He writes as if narrating or leading a classroom lecture, pointing out common confusions students have and how one should think about the topic.

I have trouble getting my reading done, but it was pretty enjoyable with this book (though yes, there is a lot of information in it...it *is* a textbook and it *is* a harder field, as far as psychology topics go). Note, it doesn't go crazy in-depth into bio...I used this for a lower division class.
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The text is informative, serves the purpose of the course. However, a most distasteful experience was that after spending $70 on the MyPsychLab code, I am not able to access the virtual text help on the Pearson site. This is because Pearson requires some elusive "course ID" which my instructor knows nothing about; and Pearson's solution to this was to send me images of the books they have that can be accessed without a course ID. I am completely befuddled as to why, after purchasing a code for so much money, I cannot just access their site, enter the code and access the information needed. So the MyPsychLab card sits on my desk as a reminder to, as much as it is in my power, avoid ALL things Pearson. This is nothing short of criminal. Not Amazon's fault, but people who buy their books here need to know.
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on May 3, 2016
This book has awesome illustrations. Not to mention its beautiful hardcover. At first I was debating whether to rent or buy this book, but I decided it would probably be cool to keep it. I definitely recommend this book even if it is not for a class. It was definitely really easy to read and very easy to understand. Biopsyc courses can be difficult, but this book really saved my grade. Overall I thought it was a good read and would recommend to anyone interested in both psychology and biology. The price I paid for this book was reasonable. Wayyyy better than the prices at my school’s bookstore. Thanks to this book I got a solid A. However my only problem with this book was that it was heavy and bulky to carry around in my backpack and they don’t offer a downloadable version of the textbook.

Overall, don’t be that student that thinks that you don’t need a book to pass the class. TRUST ME it will help you.
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on April 4, 2016
I first thought this book was going to be super helpful in understanding everything about Biopsychology. and it turns out, it's not as easy to understand as I thought. I think this is the "book's fault" in part, due to the fact that each sentence is very dense. I just don't think it has to be that way. Even if it's a college textbook, I think there needs to be more elaboration on sentences and ideas.

Other than that, i like the fact that it has regular size "text".
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on February 18, 2006
While I agree with other reviewers that the text is good and the graphics in the text are outstanding, the CD that accompanies the book is a shocking waste of time.

Pinel has videotaped himself awkwardly addressing his imagined readers and foists these segments on the user at odd points throughout the CD. Each chapter contains a set of flash cards, a single multiple choice quiz, and a list of supplemental readings. The flash cards are of some use, the quiz doesn't provide correct answers for missed questions and yields only a superficial evaluation of the student's performance, and the list of readings is short (three or four citations) and without Web links.

One has the impression that the CD was included because it's de rigueur for college texts in the $100+ price category these days. Neither Pinel nor his editor seems to have any idea what content would actually be useful on a CD, e.g., a variety of quiz types, pre- and post-tests with specific reading remediations in the text for missed questions, animations of text content (rather than silly visual-space-ship-tracking exercises), Web links to supplemental material, and so on.
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on September 7, 2016
The content is whatever. It's a book I need for a college class so I need it. But pictured in the book is MOLD. There was water damage to the book and it has active mold spores in it. I'm disgusted. Not sure how I'm going to fix this but I'm not satisfied
review imagereview image
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on February 20, 2016
This book has been a true blessing in helping me with the course. It outlines various systems and actions to a T and always explains in detail how or why something gets done in your brain. Very helpful if you need it for class. I highly recommend getting this book if you need it!
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on January 25, 2018
Was in perfect condition when I received it! Many of the topics discussed in this course were dense and complicated but sections of this book made to easy to read about such topics. I relied heavily on this book and aced this course because of it.
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on July 3, 2015
Purchased for a class during my undergraduate studies and then sold (as most textbooks are) once finished with it. During my graduate studies I realized that much of this information was still pertinent and useful as sources so i purchased it all over again and now have almost all of the books that I used during my collegiate studies. This is a very informative book and an easy read.
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