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on December 27, 2016
I used this statistics workbook for a general statistics class at my local community college a while back. The material inside didn't exactly go along well with the accompanying book we had to purchase for the class. As others have said, the wording used in the math questions could have been expressed a little better but they are understandable. If you can I would recommend getting the updated edition of this book. From what I read the questions seemed to be stated more clearly. Overall the workbook is fine as long as you match it with the proper textbook it is designed for, which is elementary statistics 10th edition. Mine came fast and was packed in good condition as well. Thanks.
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on December 16, 2016
This was one of the worst math books I have ever had. I have taken stat in high school, undergrad, and now graduate level. This book had me so frustrated and confused, ESPECIALLY as an online student having to basically teach myself. There was just too much stuff within the pages and it was extremely hard to find examples of the problems I was doing in MyStatLab in this book. I found myself constantly flipping pages back and forth. I'm glad I still managed to pass the class.
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on January 2, 2012
This is the book the professors don't tell you about or at least at my CC they don't. My professor required a graphing calculator but we never graphed one thing. We only used the calculator to work through the long formulas. With this book, I was able to use the calculator and solve problems the way statistics was intended. It helped me tremendously! It took some of the pressure off on tests. It allowed me to check my work by doing things the long way and short way. Tragically, I didn't discover this book in the beginning of the semester. It was only when I knew I needed help that I sought out the internet for more and different ways to approach concepts. I ended up withdrawing from the class on the last possible day to do so because I'd done poorly before I discovered this book and it was too late to recover. I look forward to retaking a statistics class next semester with this book as a very useful guide.
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on August 10, 2015
Didn't really have a choice on the textbook I could use but I believe the professor made the right choice. Examples are very clear and easy to understand and the way that the book is written is very well organized. The first section of every chapter is a very quick review of the previous chapter. There are enough problems after each chapter to practice and give you the handle of the concepts. Overall, this an excellent textbook to use to learn basic statistics.
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on May 19, 2015
Ok, so I can't say I "LOVED IT" but I did like the book and the program that came with it. I felt it was clear, the instructions were good and for my class helpful. We were able to complete the homework and continue working it until we received 100%, so no way you couldn't get a good grade on homework unless you were lazy. Also the home work problems with correct answers were printable which helped with quizzes. (Wish I would have figure that out earlier in the class not later). Also after the everyone in our class took the quiz they were also printable which helped with the tests. I would have to say that the practice tests were NOT the same as the tests our instructor posted for us but she did tell us the tests were based on our homework and quizzes, not the Pearson sample tests. Over all did much better in this course than I anticipated.
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on February 24, 2016
The book was in really good shape when I received it and was a great option for a poor college student. The shipment was made fast and was received prior to classes starting. This is a college level textbook, but was also very education and could be used by anyone looking to further their education or refresh their minds. Great problems included, and some solutions in the back.
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on June 29, 2013
I bought this because I thought it was a good buy to get the book and the access code; however, there was no access code. I ended up returning it, buying a used book from E bay which was actually in equally as good condition (no writing, CD was unopened, fold-out formula sheet was in tact) and purchasing an access code from said site. It actually worked out cheaper because the book was about $35 and the access code was $65.

Turns out I don't use the book because after doing the homework on MyMathLab and taking advantage of site (gives you the option to have it walk you through the problems) I don't need to use the book. The interactmath site was highly recommended by my professor and it is key for me because it is a really great learning tool.
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on August 19, 2015
Someone left a review stating the MyStatLab code worked inside the book. I was thinking it might be a bulk code Amazon made a deal with Pearson. Amazon does disclaim the code might not work. Took a chance and lost, code scratched and used. Probably the person that wrote the review. Book is fine if that is all you need.
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on September 29, 2016
could have been better ; the choice of examples are of poor taste; could have explained in a better way AND examples DON'T cover all the concepts BUT, the exercise has plethora of twisted questions. His solutions manual is a disgrace as it doesn't answer even problems. Shame on you Triola, you did a disservice to the students for decades by not providing answer solved solutions to all the exercise problems. Across the industry all the RATS that don't provide solutions to the even problems along with the odd problems in my humble opinion i s a as a whole a RAT.
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on November 19, 2014
The book came fine. Taking a online class and the instructor uses the content pearson developed around this book and it's horrible. The instructional videos don't cover 3/4 of the homework and some of the homework pearson developed is barely covered in the text book. If you have a online class using the online pearson content drop it now and save your money and frustrations, never have I been so frustrated with a math class.
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