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on December 20, 2012
This is my first SLR, I bought the T4i almost right after it was released for over $1K; I also got a Fish Eye lens $270. After paying that much I determined that I will never ever shoot in any type of auto mode again. First I read The Digital Photography by Scott Kelby plus the whole T4i manual and I watched some videos in You Tube.

However, I felt that I needed to know exactly what my camera is capable to do and this book really served that purpose. The book is easy to read with nice examples, and pretty much cover the basic question of why and when you need to use the variety of settings offered by the T4i. By the way, the T4i is an awesome camera as well, there a lot of things that have been improved in this particular Canon camera, this improvements such as the sensor, the processor, STM motor in the lens (18-135) etc, are going to be added to the rest of the EOS lineup eventually.

In sum, one of the best ways to make sure you are using all the potential of your T4i is by reading this book!
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The real worth of the book is that it discusses DSLR photography while specifically referencing the Canon T4i, so you don't get an instruction on things your stock camera and lens isn't capable of doing without making a trip to the store for more equipment when you just blew the wad on something you have been wanting for a very long time. My T4i purchase for example also cost me a pair of designer shoes for my wife.

Another strength of the book is that the author sticks to his own suggestions of how to set up your camera. Ultimately though, you're going to make your own decisions, and you shouldn't be shy about skipping an instruction because you rather do things differently.

90% of the book really isn't specific to the T4i, and it would be just as effective if you were actually using a similarly capable Nikon. It could just as well be a book for anyone with a DSLR and a typical kit lens. But again, the point is that you're not going to get some expert instruction on something your camera can't do and get the feeling that you bought the wrong camera or should run out and buy more accessories. Even near the end of the book where he's going into more advanced techniques, he's not suggesting you run out and buy a complete lighting kit or another pricey lens.

I especially like how he goes through the various 'creative' modes, explaining what they do and why you would want to use one over the other for a particular type of shot.

It's not an entertaining read, but it's not boring either. You could definitely do worse. Best to take read through the camera's manual first though just to get an awareness of the various functions and menus because as he makes clear in the beginning, this book is not a user manual. I did end up taking much better pictures after reading the book, and it gave me all sorts of ideas on how to approach photography in the future.

And lastly a note on book reviews in general from someone who not only writes reviews as a hobby, but actually receives items from various companies in return for review writing (this book is not one of those items by the way). A lot of these reviews are written by people who--to use this book as an example--don't need lessons on how to use a camera; they consider themselves experts on the subject matter and the body of literature on the topic. So when you're looking at reviews--for anything--look for the ones where someone invested their hard earned money in the item not because they're an afficianado of that type of item but because possibly it's the only one they will ever buy after much consideration and perhaps months of comparison shopping.

On that last point, that's why I chose this book. It seemed like the most helpful according to the novice reviewers, and I think it was. The only reason I take a star away is for entertainment value.
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on November 27, 2012
This book not only informs the readers how to use the T4i camera, it is also a general photography instruction manual for beginners - and also for hobbyists who want to improve their technique.

I recommend a quick read of the User Guide, front to back, before starting this book. At least skim over it.

The book, Snapshots to Great Shots, is an excellent guide. The clear text is well supported by photographs. Readers should follow the book step by step with camera in hand. The Canon T4i is a remarkable camera and this book can get new owners off to a great start.
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on July 15, 2013
It is a must to have for any beginner (like me)!!

As a beginner, I spent a lot of hours trying to get a nice book.

Without a doubt, I got the best!

TIP = You can download two bonus chapters from the Web after you registered the book. They are very useful!
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on March 15, 2013
Great for amateurs and advanced use alike. I am not a beginner but this books breaks it down and explains a lot of the basics and some advanced features. Although it doesn't go into to much detail, it does cover a lot. Haven't read the other guides but I would suggest getting "Understanding Exposure 3rd Edition" if you want to learn more about photographing with any DSLR. For flash, I got the "Speedliter's Handbook".
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on March 2, 2013
This book brought me through a very complex piece of equipment teaching not only how to utilize the advanced technology but it also included a good primer on basic digital photography techniques. Each chapter ends with practical tips for strengthening your knowledge, which I found very helpful and worth the time invested. The online chapters on camera accessories and utilizing the video features were also very helpful. Unless you are an experienced photographer a book like this is a must-read and it will greatly enhance your skills. I plan on re-reading this in the near future (repetition is the mother of all learning) and using it as a reference as I advance my own skills. I would strongly recommend this book.
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on March 17, 2013
Being a budding photographer...I am ingesting all the input and knowledge that I am able to absorb to utilize the abundance of capabilities that are "hidden" inside my new Canon T4i.

Jeff shares his experience(s) in an easy to understand manner. He suggests many exercises to help use the camera to it's fullest. He also critiques all of the photographs in the book which gives the reader/photographer/newbie! much food for thought. I have bookmarked many pages and refer back to his instructions frequently.

I would recommend this read for anyone new to DSLR photography with the new Canon T4i.
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on December 18, 2012
This book started out with a quick top 10 that was very valuable and went on to discuss how to operate my SLR with practical exercises. There were a lot of pictures and diagrams and a clear format that gets you started and learning. I recommend it for a new SLR owner.
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on July 31, 2013
Wow! Purchased Davids Busch's Compact Field Guide for T4i and read that first. Then I read Jeff's book "from Snapshots to Great Shots. You NEED to read THIS book first! Use David's guide for the field, AFTER your objectives are clear.

I LOVE the exercises that you are encouraged to try (do them!) at the end of each chapter. I am not new to photography, BUT I am new to digital. THIS book held my hand and brought me back to old practices in a new technology. Buy both books BUT read this one FIRST!
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on March 18, 2013
This is and in depth review of the Canon camera for beginners to pro, with hints for everyone. I learned a lot about my camera that I did not know it could do. Well worth the price.
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