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on July 17, 2011
I'm sold on eBooks and do all of my reading-for-pleasure that way, so I was excited to try an important medical text on my Kindle. Unfortunately, it simply didn't work. The chief problem is that it is very difficult to find anything. In a physical book, one can quickly page through to the desired chapter or index entry. Not so with the Harriet Lane in the Kindle. Firstly, the chapter entries in the Table of Contents are not clickable links, so there is no easy way to get to the first page of a chapter, the formulary, or the index. Using the Kindle search to find a topic or drug isn't helpful, because of course, typing in "amoxicillin" or "endocarditis" produces every reference to amoxicillin or endocarditis in the entire book - up to several pages of search results. To make it worse, the first mention of a drug in its formulary entry is as a graphic, not text, so it doesn't show up in a Kindle search.
There is also a glitch in the index. Page numbers after each index entry ARE clickable links, but the links to formulary entries are "misaligned." Clicking on the page number for a drug took me to the wrong formulary page, for the 3-4 drugs I checked.
Clearly, for a textbook to work on an ereader, the whole search method must be reworked. A simple method that displays every time a particular word appears in the book is plainly inadequate. So, just buy the real book.
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on September 2, 2012
As a pediatric clinical nursing instructor, I carry this with me to clinicals and share it with my nursing students. It is a valuable reference, both for nurses, nursing students, and pediatric housestaff. As a nurse, I need to know where the dosing information comes from to calculate pediatric dosages, so that I am confident that I am administering a correct dose. The other medication books are "adult" focused, and lack much information with pediatric dosing, so this book really fills that void. My students also like the photos of skin diseases and use that as a reference frequently. I would like to purchase this as an app or ebook, but from the reviews I have read, those formats don't seem to work as well as the old fashioned book, which is fine. Nurses, please remember that this book, although written for residents, is also a good reference for you, too. There really isn't a nursing reference with as much information as the Harriet Lane. This really needs to be marketed more for pediatric nurses.
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on February 25, 2014
Elsevier, in collaboration with Inkling, has crippled online access to this reference. Until February, 2014, Elsevier's ExpertConsultBook online reference books have been fantastic - easy to navigate, intuitive to search across your titles, and efficient to use. Elsevier has shut that down and replaced it with Inkling's clumsy e-book reader. Easy to read. Not easy to use as online reference to find answers to particular diagnostic problems.

With ExpertConsult/Inkling you can no longer search across your purchased books at one go. You have to open and search within each book individually. Open your online book and you get three columns: a navigation column with list of chapters, a reading column, and a notes column (wasting valuable screen space). You have to click the search icon to get a text entry box. Search results then replace the index in the navigation column, 10 at a time, 4-5 visible on a typical computer screen. To review your search results you have to scroll down through the first 10, then click next, then scroll down through the next 10, then click next, ten at a time. The contexts of individual search results are obscure. It shows a little text where your search term appears, but not which chapter or section it is in. Figures (often lots of them) are included in your results list. Individual search results are headed with figure number (not caption, not chapter or section heading) or sub-section titles. Even in the reading pane you can't see chapter and section titles, so you don't know what part of the book you're in. You are limited to linear access through the book - with links to previous and next sections at the top and bottom of the reading pane. To get to the next sub-section you have to scroll down to the bottom of the current sub-section. In order to navigate the index to different chapters or sections you have to exit your search results to get back the index pane.
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on October 4, 2013
I used this book on an MS3 peds rotation as a handbook, and found it perfect for the inpatient portions, and somewhat useful for outpatient peds. It has all the vaccine tables, growth charts, tables of diseases/treatments, and peds pharmacopoeia you'd expect, plus a little pathophysiology, and is laid out in a way that makes it faster and easier to look things up than using a smartphone. It's heavy, but it fits in a white coat pocket. The pictures of peds rashes were in color on glossy paper and I frequently referenced them. Kids are rashy. I'm going into IM, so I sold the book to a fellow student going into peds, and she was glad to get her hands on it. It seems there are copies of Harriet Lane laying at the resident workstations all over the hospital, and my attending in clinic had a battered copy on her desk, so I'm clearly not the only person who thinks highly of this book.
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on April 29, 2013
I haven't gotten to use this book very much, as my pediatric rotation will not start for a couple of weeks, but this book is fabulous from what I have seen flipping through. It has a pretty comprehensive medication section, ped dosages, emergency info (ETT size, normal VS values depending on age, etc). It is small enough to fit in my lab coat, but it's kind of weighty, so I don't think I'd carry it in my pocket all day, but I will definitely have it in my bag with me during my peds rotation. It has a procedures section with pictures on how to do multiple procedures on peds patients (catheter insertion, IV insertion, and tons of more advanced procedures). I recommend it for anyone that has to work with the peds population.
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on March 22, 2017
Great resource for pediatric dosing of medications for nurses and physicians.
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on November 9, 2012
Harriet itself is a wonderful resource as usual--practical, informative, useful. The Kindle edition is not bad, just a little awkward. The search engine is slow, but works okay. It probably takes me that much time to flip through the index and find something in the book. It is much easier to see tables and charts on my PC, even my little netbook works okay. On the Kindle itself, the tables are too small, and it takes a lot of time to move through pages looking for particular info. It would be helpful to have more detail in the TOC, and be able to go directly to sub-sections.
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on February 18, 2013
I down loaded this reference to take on an international trip. I was going to do some medical work and just wanted to have this referece along. Unfortunatly I was not very familiar with using my Kindle and had some trouble looking things up. Previously I had just used my Kindle for turning pages through a book. I must admit that I am part of a generation for which using new formats is NOT intuitive. For reference materials I still prefer a physical book.
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on August 3, 2016
The Harriet Lane Handbook is a must if you take care of children. This book is sturdy and will hold up to office use. It is a good investment and you should own a copy.
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on April 11, 2015
Bought this one so I didn't have to fork over the $$ for the new edition.... since I'm not a Peds doc... but rather ER. Seems to do the trick just fine. Asked a few Peds people what the differences were between this and the new edition. Apparently nothing too terribly significant.
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