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on September 27, 2010
Would have given this book more stars except for one irritating thing---Not enough Malone. I kept waiting for his character to be developed,to learn more about the enigmatic lobsterman and to find out why he behaved in the irrational way he behaved at times. Needless to say I was very disappointed when I got the end and found that nothing had really been resolved. We never did get to find out what made Malone tick and that was supremely irritating. I'd love to read a sequel to this book and get the low-down on the most interesting and neglected character in the book.
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on April 8, 2013
This book is an awesome book. I laughed and I even cried. The author paints the characters and their relationships extremely well. I love the relationships between the two sisters and all the townspeople. The only problem I had with this book is that it isn't really a romance. The main character Maggie: I love her. She is awkward, sweet and giving. But the guy, Malone. There is nothing about him in the book. I know it's part of his character that he's quiet, but I feel like the two characters spoke only a couple hundred words with each other and usually over some type of mistunderstanding, in which he never explains himself (it is always cleared up by someone else and then Maggie has to apologize for him not talking). I kept expecting him to open up to her and tell her something about himself, something more than his first name. But unfortunately, was disappointed...I didn't understand why Malone was attracted to Maggie...I mean he only says fifteen words in the entire book. Their entire relationship is made up of her asking him a question and he answering yes or no.

Overall, I loved this book because of the characters. But, I just didn't understand why there was so little about the actual romantic relationship between Maggie and Malone. No discussion about the fact he has a nearly grown daughter, ex-wife, no explanations about ANYTHING.
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on February 17, 2014
This is the third Kristan Higgins book I've read and I must enjoy being annoyed because she always manages to annoy me and yet... I just keep on reading. So I'm not going to give this book 1 star (for the annoyment factor), because she writes well and keeps me interested.

In Catch of the Day, we have the strong and silent type hero and a very chatty heroine who I could never really warm up to. She is a restless do-gooder who fills the vacuum of not having a life by day-dreaming of having a darling husband and cute children. This I found very difficult to relate to as it irritated the hell out of me that she doesn't seem to be able to take real pleasure in anything but expends all her energy trying to please others. And of course they are happy with the cookies she bakes and all those meals on wheels she delivers but otherwise she's a bit of a laughing stock so she isn't getting anything back. That said, I didn't like the patronising way people treated her and it was a bit too much how her love life seemed to be a never-ending series of humiliations at the hands of several unfeeling men.

So I really wanted her to stand up for herself and I was waiting for this to happen...and in a way she did but it was somehow very very unsatisfying. I really didn't like the way the hero got away with not contacting her for long periods leaving her to think what anyone would have thought in the same situation and then... he did some nice but to be honest trivial gesture and all was forgiven as if it hadn't mattered after all. I'm not saying that the guy should have been burnt at the stake but this is not resolution. (For me the lowest point was the hero returning the heroine's offering of pie on her doorstep the next day - that was like slapping her in the face. This was totally glossed over as a minor incident with no resolution.)

In the end I sincerely wanted these two people to try and find happiness with somebody else. It left me so frustrated that I think I now want to read a romance in which the heroine just gets a life respecting herself and leaving the hero to lead the life of his choice, rejecting as many offerings of pie and love from others as he sees fit.

OK, so why do I like Kristan Higgins then? I just love the angst and how it's built up. It's the right kind of angst (the kind I prefer) when the heroine is in total doubt whether the hero is interested at all. Probably not. There's excellent story-telling, very funny scenes and observations and many moments when you can just laugh because these things happen to you too (people's quirks and flaws, including yours).

But then it becomes too much. The angst gets to a point where it is no longer enjoyable. When it is no longer just quirky characters popping up to give us a few laughs but a heroine who never experiences love and real appreciation from anyone. And sorry but this can't be patched up by winning the girl a blue stuffed rat at the village fair.
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on October 10, 2012
I read this book a couple of months ago.  Then loved it so much that I listened to it on audio.  Maggie is so adorable with the kindest personality and great sense humor. She is the kind of friend every woman wants to have. Malone is the strong, very silent type.  Their polar opposite personalities make for some very interesting reading.  Plus Maggie‘s blind date adventures and obsession with Father Tim add some great humor.  Great secondary characters also and a wonderful dog.  You will love this book!
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"Catch of the Day" is the fourth book of Higgins that I have read and I have truly enjoyed each one, from The Best Man to Too Good to Be True to Just One Of The Guys. Each one has been unique but heartwarming and this latest offering might be my favorite of all.

Romance stories are so personal. I mean, each of us has our own ideas of what we think is romantic. Well, Higgins seems to be able to tap in to that overall consciousness and find romantic themes that so many of us can identify with.

I loved Maggie's crazy quest to find the right guy (if she didn't have bad luck, she wouldn't have any luck at all). I loved Colonel the dog. And I really liked quiet, thoughtful Malone.

Small town gossip and living, beautiful descriptions of Maine, fun scenes in Joe's Diner - I loved this romantic comedy and found myself laughing and crying my way through it, just like I have with all of Higgins' books I've read so far.
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on September 3, 2013
Finally the romance writer I have been waiting for! Funny ,touching and so romantic. No gratuitous sex scenes but plenty of spice!
Maggie is loveable, pretty and outgoing beyond the bounds of good sense. Her romantic trials and tribulations are epic -bad dates, lost loves and inappropriate crushes. Malone is taciturn, solitary and may be her polar opposite. Their relationship keeps this book moving along nicely.
The fact that this book ties into two others of Kristan's moves it from great to perfect. Cannot recommend highly enough.
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on March 4, 2012
This is my second book from this author. My first read was TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE which surprisinly was a very nice read eventhough I had issues with the desperate attempts of the heroine to catch a guy. On this story, the heroine also reeks of desperation, (i hope this is not a repeating characteristic for the author's heroines. I can only say that this book was nothing compared to her other work. I never understood the whole attraction between her and Malone, I never got the whole love for the priest thing. To me, Maggie was way too desperate to find appealing as a leading character, Malone was not the heroe I would like to read about, and their suppose romance left me wanting something more. The story sounded more like she just settles for the only guy who finally loooks her way and malone just got tired of being alone. His lack of communication did not make him look misterious it made him annoying and irritating. I frankly read the whole story just to see if there was a moment were I would have felt like "AHA, this is why I bought the book"!!!! However, that did not happen here. The only thing I loved about the story was Colonel MCKissy, he put a smile to my face and after he passed I cried throughout the rest of the story, yesss I'm sappy when it comes to dogs. I felt he was the only strong lead in the story. Other than that, not worth my time.
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on June 14, 2016
I purchased this book because I have enjoyed other books by Kristan Higgins and read that that this one received a RITA award. Overall, I did enjoy the book. It was funny and touching by turns. But I was a bit disappointed; it didn't really live up to what I thought a RITA award winner should be. I have to agree with some other reviewers on a few points -- namely the painfully-embarrassing scenes, the incomplete development of the relationship between Maggie and Malone, and the first-person point of view and present tense. As others have said, I really prefer the 3rd person with both the H and h's points of view in past tense that Higgins uses in more current novels. Also, it really is more chick lit than romance. I don't mind this, but people should be aware before buying. For instance, the relationship I found most touching was that between Maggie and her dog, not the one between her and Malone. In true romance, this shouldn't be so. (I'll also admit to being almost more interested in Chantal's story than Maggie's by the end. Since I knew this was chick lit before I began, I wasn't too bothered by this fact!)

One other thing I'm noticing in Kristan Higgins' earlier books (though not in the Blue Heron books, that I remember) is a confusion with numbers. For instance, Malone says he's 36. Maggie says he's 5-6 years older than she. Yet she's 8 years older than her brother, whom she says is 26. Also, her parents married because her mother was pregnant with her and her twin, and the parents have been married 33 years. I can't make the math work out. Is she 32, 33, or 34? Is Malone 36 or 39-40? Another Higgins book I recently read had the same issue. I guess the editors just didn't catch it, and it's not really that big of an issue, but I kept being drawn out of the story because I was trying to figure out how that math could possibly work!

If you've read and enjoyed some of Higgins' other books (as I have), I'd say give this one a go. If you're just starting with her, I'd say start with the Blue Herron series, which I feel is much more polished work.
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on May 29, 2013
It's been said by many readers before, but after just finishing Catch of the Day, I feel compelled to say it again: As contemporary female-centric fiction, Kristan Higgins' novels are as humorous, sweet, breezily engaging and subtly insightful as they come...but the majority of these alleged "romances" have relatively little romance. There's minimal development of the hero and of his relationship with our heroine. Because the hero's salient characteristic is that he's the strong and silent type (and I mean EXTREMELY silent!), we rarely get to hear him speak, let alone gain real insight into his thoughts.

My fondness for this book is rooted primarily in my fondness for Kristan Higgin's writing style. Her prose just has so much color and flair and such a smooth, seemingly effortless flow. The dialogue is sharp and clever enough to keep my Kindle's highlight button busy throughout the novel. Her style seems tailor made for the first person narration that she uses in this novel (and many of her others!) There's a witty, cozy intimacy that makes you feel immediately pulled into the garrulous, vaguely irksome but goodhearted Maggie's world. And KH really does excel at cleverly and engagingly drawing us into all facets of her heroine's lives: their colorful, vivid friends and family members; their amusingly unlucky histories; their eminently lovable pets; their professions and their hobbies and the people they become friendly with along the way...etc.
It all makes for a very relatable, funny and satisfying read, at least to this bookworm. The one problem for those expecting what one usually gets from a romance, though, is that such a heavy focus on myriad aspects of the heroine's life leaves little time to get to know her hero or their (barely existent!) relationship.

So if you're looking for a contemporary romance where the primary focus is on the relationship between the H and h, you might want to keep on looking. But if you're craving witty, heartwarming women's fiction (aka "chick lit", though I hate that term!), where romance is a part of the book but not heavily emphasized, I recommend this book without reservation!
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on April 18, 2013
This is a really sweet romance. Maggie Beaumont is the owner of Joe's Diner in Gideon's Cove, a fishing town near Maine. She has been very unlucky in love and is waiting for Mr Right to come along and sweep her off her feet. Maggie tries the dating game (with help from the community and her family) with often hilarious results. But as often happens, Mr Right is right in front of her and it's not the new parish priest, the young and handsome Father Tim.

As with any small town where everyone knows everyone's business the path of true love doesn't run smoothly for Maggie and Malone. Malone is a local lobsterman, there's been quite a lot of local gossip about Malone and even though he has stepped in to help Maggie when she has needed it, she still sees him as surly and unapproachable. But Malone starts to grow on Maggie, his actions speak louder than words. I liked Malone he was the tall, dark and silent type and he was the perfect foil for the more garrulous and excitable Maggie.

Maggie could be a little irritating at times, she tended to leap to conclusions about people, I also felt that she could a bit of a doormat, especially with Father Tim. In fact Maggie could be viewed as a teensy bit neurotic at times.

This book did have me laughing out loud in places and one scene between Maggie and her faithful companion Colonel, was poignantly written. All the characters were well presented and there is a very nice seconday romance.

All in all I really enjoy this author's work. She does write a very satisfying, feel good romance. Time and money well spent.
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