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on February 4, 2017
This is the first time reading Sylvia Day and I must say it will not be my last.
This is not a (50 Shades of Grey) but much, much more! You must read all 5 books.
I found myself crying, laughing, sad, mad, and even I grabbed my own wrist from time to time. I fell into this story. I lived these characters from the start. Gideon is an Alfa-male that every man wants to be and Eva is the woman I wish I could be. How we live our lives from day to day in this society is taxing to say the least. To grab a book and sink into it (hard) is a release. I had mixed emotions at first but as I read each book it made me want more. Is that not what you want an author to do? Well she fulfilled that in this series. I never wanted it to end and when it did I felt drained. Drained to the core. She stripped away my day to day stress and replaced it with love, lust, honor and most of all courage. I felt alive again. I felt MY soul restored. I never write reviews but I do read them before I buy a book. So if you read mine remember one word and one word only CROSSFIRE! Read all the books to understand!
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on May 6, 2015
Eva Tramell is starting a new life and a new job in the Big Apple. Fighting some demons from her past, she’s not looking for love but boy does she find lust in the form of Gideon Cross. Gorgeous, sexy and obscenely wealthy, Gideon is all kinds of trouble. When the two find they are both messed up from horrors in their past, they struggle with being right for one another when so many things seem to go wrong.

My one issue with romance reads is insta-love. Well, at least when the male lead is an affirmed “no relationships” person. Bared to You was no different in this respect. Eva and Gideon meet and he wants her for sex and that’s it. But, who knew? Within a matter of hours he’s changing his ways. No. Nooooooo! I’m sorry but I cannot wrap my head around this. It’s a huge flaw but it’s one I’m used to and I didn’t let it deter me from enjoying the novel.

Yes, this novel is full of the traditional romance novel eye roll inducing cliches. You’ve got the commitment phobic rich bachelor with skeletons in his closet, the line of exes still in love with said bachelor, jealous family members, a gay best friend and plenty of hijinks and misunderstandings that lead to fights then tons of make-up sex. And you know what? Bared to You was still entertaining.

Despite all my issues, I was totally invested in Gideon and Eva and eager to learn all about their traumatic pasts. We learn Eva’s in book one, but are still in the dark on Gideon’s despite his issues causing major drama in this installment. Also, I love the jealous other woman angle. Nothing makes me happier than to see the conniving mean girl get her just desserts. However, there may not be just one in this book. Slight plot twist there!

My grade: B

Par for the course, but still interesting and enticing. At times, the sex overpowers the plot but it is sinful and sultry goodness that you won’t want to miss. Nothing outrageous or original, but a very well done story nonetheless.
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on March 22, 2017
I love this series this was my first time reading this book , but I have listened to it on audio. I love Gideon Cross. Eva Tramell is starting a new life with her best friend and roommate Cary Taylor she has a new job as an assistant at a PR firm. While doing a test walk to she runs into a tall dark and handsome guy and she is wowed by known other that Gideon Cross he owns the building Crossfire. Gideon can't stop thinking about her so he makes her an offer that she refuses. Eva is dealing with her attraction to Gideon and with her mother Monica who is over protective she tracks her by using her cell phone. Eva is very high maintenance and both Gideon and Eva have a lot of baggage in their past. They have their first sexual hook up in the back of a limo and it was hot all of the sex scenes with these two are smoking hot did I say that "I love Gideon". Gideon's brother Christopher is a real jerk I don't like him at Madalena she wants Gideon and than their is ex Corinne who left her husband thinking that she can get Gideon back. Cary who is bi is also going through drama his boyfriend Trey catches him with a girl. While at a party at Gideon's parents house Cary films Madalena and Christopher having sex after she watched Gideon and Eva or rather what he was doing to her. Both of these character's also deals with jealousy and Eva tends to run away from things. This is one of my favorite series

You’re an addiction . . . my obsession . . .”
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on March 30, 2016
Well I'm reading this series again before the final book is published on 4/4. I must admit that I view the story differently than I did the first time I read it. They both are severely, and legitimately, damaged. While Eva has been through therapy, she still has issues that I would have a hard time coping with. She runs instead of communicating, she is extremely insecure and is always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Gideon hasn't dealt with his past well. He surpasses them and remains closed off, though he is trying to open up with Eva. She however doesn't instill security in their relationship. Eva appears to be immature, spoiled, bratty at times and I frankly can't believe a multi-billionaire would be attracted to her. However, their sex is off the charts and I wonder if that isn't really all they have in common and how it will last.
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on June 5, 2015
Just... No.

I don't like criticizing people's hard work, but this was like the author took everything from 50 Shades and tried to one-up it; it was disrespectful to E.L. James, who admittedly may not be as good of a writer, but somehow managed to make me feel more connected to and invested in the (50 Shades) characters. I never felt invested in these characters and felt that it was gratuitously vulgar and completely unrealistic. I almost stopped reading, but I made it through the first three books just to give it a chance, but I have no desire to continue the series. I haven't disliked a story this much since Wuthering Heights (which was still an entertaining read).

Sorry, Ms. Day; I'm sure you put a lot of effort into it, but it was just not for me, and I feel completely let down that THIS is recommended as similar to 50 Shades.
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on September 4, 2012
On the heels of the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon, there were bound to be some look-a-likes floating around. Quite obvioulsy, Bared to You has been marketed to be the next Fifty Shades and so I had to pick this little treasure up and give it a try.

Bared to You features a young woman named Eva who has recently moved to New York city. With her troubled past seeminly behind her, she looks to start fresh in the city with a new job and her best friend Cary. Of course, things never go according to plan as she meets the devistatingly hansome and weathy Gideon Cross. Together, they find that they have a lot in common and much more in the chemistry department.While their sex life may be stellar, they both have deep routed issues that they must face as a couple. These issues will either make or break their relationship and they must find out whether they are strong enough to make things work.

I will start off by saying that I did not enjoy this book as much as I did the 50 Shades series. I've recently re-read these novels and while they are racey and have some graphic content, I still enjoyed the characters and storyline very much, probably even more when I read it the second time.

While reading Bared to You I felt was a poor atempt at catching the E.L. James's audience. I have to admit, the story was a little more unique and the characters, especially the female lead, were different. With this being said, I still felt like I was reading a story where someone was purposefully trying to shock me, and it didn't work. I won't go into too much detail as I don't want to ruin the story for anyone, but I often times felt like Day just threw certain extra intense sex scenes into the story just to add some scandal and to be more like Fifty Shades of Grey and I didn't love it.

I think one of the bigger problems I had with this book was the use of the "c" word. I hate that word. While there are other words used in the English Language to describe this particular part of the female anatomy, I think the "c" word is the worst. While in real life (okay, just when I'm not typing to an online audience) I have the mouth of a sailor, but that word never crosses my lips. It's demeaning and disgusting and anytime anyone uses that word around me, I wince. I think it's a horrible word and to hear it used as a sort of sexual endearment, I had to cringe.

The characters also didn't do much for me. While Eva was a different character than Anna from 50, Gideon was a poor mans version of Christian. I didn't believe his back story and I had a hard time falling for him, especially as the book came to a close. I just didn't find his actions and his relationship with Eva to be believable, which made it very difficult to get into the story.

Lastly, I've heard a lot of bloggers say that they enjoyed this book more because the writing was better. While I agree that Day's writing was better edited and had more of a flow, I thought the plot was repetitive and boring. The constant running away that Eva did and the back and forth between Gideon and Eva (I want to be with you, no I don't... I want to be with you again, no I don't...etc.) grew very tiresome. I was also confused at times of the story. I felt like the pacing was off and I was rushed in some spots and in others, the story drug on too long.

Overall, I was bored by the plot and the characters and while the writing was better, this novel didn't hold a candle to the 50 Shades of Grey books. I felt like I had to compare them because Bared to You because everywhere I went, I saw the two books together. Now, I say that I won't read book two, but I most likely will and when I do, I hope I like it better.

Happy Reading :)

5 out of 10
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on August 8, 2015
After FSOG, I was looking for another book to read and a friend recommended this. What a rip-off! This is a poorly written wanna-be version of FSOG!!!! There were exchanges of supposedly banter notes, and a safeword pops up out of nowhere. The transitions were so bad, their issues or things they fight about were so lame and shallow, and by the end of the book, I didn't even know what the point of the story was!!! It was a book filled with sex and the author tries so hard to copy the romance of FSOG. I was so annoyed reading it half way but decided to give it a chance and finish it waiting for the climax of the story, but didn't get anything. If I reread the whole FSOG series it would still be much more worth it.
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on April 20, 2017
I really enjoyed this novel. The characters are well developed and you'll find yourself staying up well into the night trying to figure out what will Eva and Gideon get into next. They are no good for each other but can't stay away. Many buried demons haunt them as well as Cary. Looking forward to the series! A little much with the profanity to which I didn't like but I overlooked that and kept reading. I hope the storyline builds upon this foundation. I felt like it was much more intense than Fifty Shades!
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on December 31, 2013
So I read the Fifty Shades of Grey series last year and I bought Bared to You afterwards. I didn't read it until recently because I had the impression that it would be a rip off of Fifty Shades. I read some of the reviews, which were mixed and felt I'd wait. Yesterday I decided to read this book and I couldn't put it down. When I read Fifty Shades I remember feeling that the writing wasn't the greatest, I eventually started to lose patience with the characters & I thought the 3rd book was unnecessary for the most part. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy the story itself for the most part and I did get what everyone was hyping about. Yes, there are similarities to Fifty in Crossfire but I didn't feel they were so exact as other reviewers harped on. Truth is I was more impressed with the writting. Does it have Drama? Of course, it is a story for our entertainment. If there was no drama then it'd be boring. After reading other writers that don't take time to actually "write" a good book and publish crap to get readers hard earned money, I found this refreshing. I'm half way through Reflected in You, the 2nd book in the series and so far I'm still enjoying this story.

My advice to other readers, take the book as is and forget what you read in Fifty Shades of Grey before deciding if you like this book & subsequent series. Sometimes people get so stuck on one author that they can't see when another can do it better.
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Scorching, red hot and surpasses all my expectations. I have no problems reading what a lot of my readers call "mommy porn". Most of it is what I call romance with a little spice. When I want harder and edgier, I read things like 10 Nights by Michelle Hughes and Karl Jones. I honestly thought that was what I was getting when I delved into the world of Gideon Cross. Boy, was I wrong...

Eva knew from the moment that she sprawled on her ass in front of Gideon Cross that there was something dangerous about him. Passion and intensity were etched into him like part of his DNA. It sang and called to her on an intimate level that was hotter then anything she had ever known.

Self-preservation tells her to stay far away from him because she knows that she is asking for trouble. Gideon knows what he wants and as a very successful billionaire, he has no trouble getting it. As a very controlling man, he finds it nearly impossible to give up control but for her he is willing to try.

This is so different from the other stories about virgins jumping into domination games with rich men. This story shows two very flawed souls struggling to come together against all odds. Eva has been devestated and brutalized and needs the control that Gideon can give her but she is scared to let him close. Gideon needs the soothing balm that Eva can provide but can't release the iron grip he has on his emotions. These two don't have a smooth ride and I am glad to see a story that has some real edge to it and issues that people face on a normal day in relationships.

Ms. Day has managed to create a story that reaches in and rips out all your predetermined ideas and piece them back together into a raw love story that will leave you craving more.

This book was purchased by the reviewer.
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